Ferguson Missouri

Ferguson Grand Jury Decision: 3 Dangerous Narratives Emerge

The way we’re explaining the response to the Grand Jury’s decision could make us more racist, not less. Watching and reading the coverage of the reaction to the Ferguson Grand Jury decision, I’m noticing three dangerous narratives emerge. Each first appeared within seconds of St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch’s announcement, long before anyone had seen the evidence the Grand Jury considered. I realize there are political points to be scored, and journalists are on notice that they’ll be evaluated (and compensated) based more »

Democratic Wipeout

Not So Much a GOP Wave as a Democratic Wipeout

Republicans must view last Tuesday not as a mandate, rather a call to action. Make no mistake last Tuesday was an impressive win for Republicans. Some have even described it as a Republican “wave,” but in truth it was more of a Democratic “wipeout”. Why the distinction? Because in order for the GOP to keep their majority, and avoid a reversal in 2016, they must resist the urge to see their “win” as anything less than a call to immediate more »

US House

Forget “Drive to 245” – How About a “Nifty 250”

The Republican majority in the US House could swell to a margin previously thought impossible. By now if you’ve looked at a newspaper, turned on a computer, radio or television, or like many of us, stayed up until the wee hours watching it happen in real-time you know the GOP handed the Democrats a drubbing, thumping, or whooping. Seven seats in the Senate with nine likely (we have Alaska going to Sullivan and the Louisiana runoff going to Cassidy), and more »

US Senate

Democrats’ Last-Ditch Effort to Save their Senate Majority

Candidates drop their party label to avoid association with the President. Around the country, Democrats in close Senate races are suddenly deciding that the Democratic Party is not for them. Some Democrats have jettisoned the national Democrats entirely in order to run as independents, while others are avoiding any association with Obama like he has the Ebola virus. The allergy to President Obama began in Kansas with billionaire Greg Orman. Orman announced his candidacy in June, running as an independent more »


A Solid Republican GOTV Effort Could Bring Big Gains

Getting likely, and unlikely, Republican voters to the polls has never mattered more. In the final Practical Politicking Report before next Tuesday, we find a remarkable number of possibilities on the road to a GOP majority in the Senate, and a chance for large gains in the House for Republicans. As is often the case, and maybe more so this year than normal, the outcome next Tuesday will come down to the ground game and GOTV efforts. If the substantial more »

Ebola in America

Republicans are Winning the Ebola Debate

Democrats are no match for the disease of disappointment. Ebola has come to the United States, and predictably, it’s also become a hot political issue—some say the “October Surprise”—both parties now have to address as they approach the homestretch of their Midterm election races. Despite both sides working hard to argue the other is to blame, I would give the edge so far to Republicans; unlike their Democratic counterparts, the Republicans don’t need to distance themselves from President Obama who, more »

Happy Elephant

Senate Picture Getting Clearer, GOP Majority Almost Assured

With a solid GOTV effort, a Republican majority in the Senate is virtually guaranteed. The latest Practical Politicking Report estimates the probability of a Republican majority in the next senate at 77%, and an eight seat pick-up jumped to 60%. Our forecast remains at a net seven seat gain giving the GOP 52 seats in the next Congress. The map has changed with Alaska and Colorado both moving from Toss-Up to Leans Republican based on the fundamentals, money and polling more »

Social Media

“Barack Obama Gives TSA Exemptions to Muslims?”

If you missed that question mark, don’t share this article … YET. If you are like too many Americans these days, and read the headline to this article, completely missing the question mark, you were probably tempted to immediately share it to Facebook or Twitter without reading it in its entirety. On the other hand, if you’re still here, it’s either because you momentarily resisted temptation, or you’re like me, and are sick and tired of the hardline partisanship engendered more »

Sarah Palin at Tea Party Rally

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to the Tea Party

The Tea Party is doing more to save Democratic senate seats than win Republican ones. What started off with a bang in 2009, with people across the nation rising up in protest to extravagant spending by Congress and the White House, faltered in 2012, and now seems to have become nothing more than a footnote in 2014. In 2008, Democrats had a sweep in all three branches of the United States government. This sweep heralded massive spending, including the landmark more »

Women of America

An Open Letter to the Women of America

Republicans are not waging a war against you. I hope I’m not being too forward, but I’d like to speak to you about this alleged preoccupation you have with your lady-parts, and your alleged status as perpetual victims of the GOP. Democrats call this the “War on Women,” I call it a big fat lie. As a woman, and a Republican, I listen to Democratic candidates talk about the “War on Women,” and accuse Republicans of “giving the back of more »