Mary Landrieu

Landrieu: Born on the Bayou, But Living on the Potomac

Residency requirements may not derail her candidacy, but Mary Landrieu still has some explaining to do. Most voters in Louisiana thought she was one of them, a Louisiana resident that is, not just a Louisiana native. The native part is indisputable. She is a “Landrieu” after all, and the Landrieu name has been synonymous with Louisiana politics since the early 1970s. Mary’s father Moon was mayor of New Orleans from 1970 – 1978, and brother Mitch followed in daddy’s footsteps more »

Tax Reform

Campaigning Against Tax Inequality

Republicans can, and should “own” the issue of tax reform in this election cycle. Aisle-Right politicians seem way too comfortable losing elections. Many are still writhing in confusion and frustration wondering how the majority of the electorate is blind to the negative impact of liberal economic policies and how they hurt many low-income wage earners, women and minorities. Rather than offer up real policy choices, Republicans tend to throw out retreaded proscriptions that often seek to deliver a solution without more »

Sen. Al Franken (AP Photo)

Democratic Senate Incumbents: Incompetent, Lazy or Both?

If we analyze their legislative records since 2009, the answer is clearly BOTH. The current crop of ten Democratic incumbents running for reelection to the US Senate have virtually nothing to stand on in the way of legislative records. Although much has been said already about their voting records, and the “Do Nothing Congress” in general, detailed analysis of their records shows these senators have elevated legislative ineffectiveness to a whole new level. Only a fraction of the total number more »

ISIS / ISIL Crucifiction

Mr. President, Don’t Punish ISIS/ISIL, Obliterate Them

ISIS/ISIL are not children in need of punishment, they are the worst miscreants, worthy only of annihilation. President Obama is treating ISIS/ISIL like a delinquent teenager who bullies a parent. They provoke threats by the dozen, thinking the parent will bow down and do what they want, and they’ll be able to continue behaving badly with impunity. In this analogy, the United States, due to Obama’s fecklessness, and the rest of the “free” world, are the parents, and ISIS are more »

GOP Senate Odds

78% Probability of GOP Winning the Senate Majority

Two favorable GOP rating changes in Georgia and Iowa, plus the odds of an 8 seat pick-up are now 62%. The latest Practical Politicking Report (PPR) places the odds of Republicans picking up the minimum of six seats to regain the senate majority at 78%, with the odds of gaining eight seats jumping to 62%. The last report on July 18, had the odds at 75.0% and 57.5% respectively. We recently made two rating changes; Georgia moved to Likely Republican more »

Ben Carson at CPAC 2014

Is Ben Carson a Serious Candidate in 2016?

If he wants to be more than a highly paid speaker and author, Dr. Carson needs to polish his act, and fast. Dr. Ben Carson has been making headlines lately. First, after he challenged Al Sharpton to a debate, then again after he formed a Super PAC as part of a potential run for President in 2016, and appointed Terry Giles – the Houston attorney who represented disgraced Enron head Ken Lay – to lead it. Finally, there’s the news more »

Flushing Money

Flushing Your Money Down the Tea Party’s Toilet

Do you know what happens to your donations? Very little goes to candidates if you give to these five organizations. It’s a scenario that has become all too familiar. You’re frustrated with the gridlock in DC; you’re sickened by the burgeoning national debt; you think the country has gone to “hell in a handbasket” under the current administration and party leadership; and then you get a direct mail piece, or an email, or see an ad on the web that more »

Run Away Sign

Democrats are Running Away from Obama

A record of support for this president is a tough sell these days. Democratic incumbents are finding it so hard to run on the president’s agenda, they’ve taken to running away from it as fast as they can. It’s not just his specific policies weighing them down either; According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Americans are “Fed-up” in general, and their approval of the President’s job performance has hit an all-time low of only 40%. Forty-two percent more »

Gary Peters and Terri Land

Dueling Accusations in a Very Tight MI Senate Race

Peters is still dogged by contradictory positions, and Land strikes back against attacks. With less than three months until the election, the battle between Terri Land and Gary Peters to fill retiring Senator, Carl Levin’s senate seat, is shaping up to be a nail biter. As we reported last week, the two most recent polls have the race in a dead-heat. For several weeks now, Peters has been forced to weather the storm of accusations that despite statements to the more »

Tea Party Express

Is the Tea Party Express Just a Fundraising Scam?

$9.5 million raised, at a cost of $8 million, with less than $400,000 going to candidates. What would you consider a charity that raised almost $10 million, but actually used less than 5% of that total on its mission and programs? By every reasonable definition, you’d have to consider it woefully ineffective, at best, a fraud, at worst. Consider then that the Tea Party Express has raised just over $9.5 million between January 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014, but more »