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Senate Picture Getting Clearer, GOP Majority Almost Assured

With a solid GOTV effort, a Republican majority in the Senate is virtually guaranteed. The latest Practical Politicking Report estimates the probability of a Republican majority in the next senate at 77%, and an eight seat pick-up jumped to 60%. Our forecast remains at a net seven seat gain giving the GOP 52 seats in the next Congress. The map has changed with Alaska and Colorado both moving from Toss-Up to Leans Republican based on the fundamentals, money and polling more »

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“Barack Obama Gives TSA Exemptions to Muslims?”

If you missed that question mark, don’t share this article … YET. If you are like too many Americans these days, and read the headline to this article, completely missing the question mark, you were probably tempted to immediately share it to Facebook or Twitter without reading it in its entirety. On the other hand, if you’re still here, it’s either because you momentarily resisted temptation, or you’re like me, and are sick and tired of the hardline partisanship engendered more »

Sarah Palin at Tea Party Rally

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to the Tea Party

The Tea Party is doing more to save Democratic senate seats than win Republican ones. What started off with a bang in 2009, with people across the nation rising up in protest to extravagant spending by Congress and the White House, faltered in 2012, and now seems to have become nothing more than a footnote in 2014. In 2008, Democrats had a sweep in all three branches of the United States government. This sweep heralded massive spending, including the landmark more »

Women of America

An Open Letter to the Women of America

Republicans are not waging a war against you. I hope I’m not being too forward, but I’d like to speak to you about this alleged preoccupation you have with your lady-parts, and your alleged status as perpetual victims of the GOP. Democrats call this the “War on Women,” I call it a big fat lie. As a woman, and a Republican, I listen to Democratic candidates talk about the “War on Women,” and accuse Republicans of “giving the back of more »

Vladimir Putin

Don’t Be Fooled by Putin’s Ukraine “Victories”

What may seem like a moment of glory may well be a harbinger of future crises. At this point, everything is going Putin’s way. His popularity has skyrocketed to eighty percent during his fifteenth year at the helm of the Russian executive. He has no opposition at home, and is afraid of no one on the world stage. He is playing the game of hardball politics with skill and gusto, understanding that he will get little pushback from a weak more »

Tea Party

Tea Party Influence: Separating Fact from Fiction

Is the Tea Party as conservative, or as effective as its most vocal adherents claim? Perhaps the better question is, was the Tea Party ever the hard-core, unyielding group of ideologues some pundits, and most in the media, would have us believe? One thing is certain though: The rise of the grassroots movement that began as a tax revolt in 2009 and became known as the “Tea Party,” has inspired an enduring narrative that the Tea Party has been highly more »

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Will Wasserman Schultz be the Democrat’s Scapegoat?

The DNC Chairwoman is under increasing scrutiny as midterms approach. There’s an adage in politics that consistently proves true: If you’re explaining, you’re losing. DNC Chair and sitting Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) has been doing a lot of explaining lately. For someone whose job is to win – in this case, Democratic seats in the midterm election – this doesn’t bode well. President Obama needs his party to win this fall, retaining their Senate majority at the very least. more »

Flat Income Tax

A Very Flat Income Tax Makes Sense, the FairTax Does Not

Republicans should support tax reform that stands a chance at passing, and working. Congress may soon consider meaningful tax reform. Paul Ryan, the expected next Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee has suggested in his budget, that both a flat income tax and the FairTax® should be considered. I am a proponent of the flat income tax solution, and in this brief article I’ll set forth my summary comments. We are discussing tax laws, which by their very more »

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GOP Senate Odds Drop But Remain Favorable

Kansas entering the mix and four rating changes knock the odds down, for the moment. The latest Practical Politicking Report (PPR) places the odds of a Republican senate in the next Congress at 74%, down 4% from a month ago. The probability of an eight-seat pickup now stands at 57%, down 5% from August. Several rating changes and the addition of Kansas to the “states in play” list were responsible for the small decrease. Overall the likelihood of the GOP more »

Horse Race Start

The Field is Set, and The Sprint to the Finish Is On

The final primaries are over, the field is set and the eight-week sprint to Election Day is at full-speed. With the last of the primaries now behind us, we know who is running head-to-head and the data from polling will become more plentiful, and more meaningful. The ad buys are ramping up even more and the Super PAC’s are shuffling their dollars into the most competitive races. Things can change very quickly from now until November 4, and we’ll be more »