Marilinda Garcia

Marilinda Garcia’s Campaign Going Strong in the #NH02

Garcia’s new website gets rave reviews, while Kuster grasps at straws Poor Ann Kuster. I almost feel sorry for her (note: I said “almost”). Her Democratic playbook doesn’t have an addendum or “trouble-shooting” section called “What to do if your opponent defies ugly stereotypes,” or “How female candidates can attack other female candidates without sounding hypocritical and insulting.” As we’d say down here in Mississippi: “Bless her heart!” is as fresh and direct as she is Back in April, more »

Terri Land

Terri Land in Tight Race for Michigan Senate

Land Looking to Capitalize on Democrat Inconsistencies in Michigan Senate Race In Michigan, a state that hasn’t elected a Senator from the right side of the aisle since Spence Abraham won in 1994, all eyes are on the race between Terri Land and Democrat Gary Peters; whom are vying to fill retiring Senator Carl Levin’s seat. The race is well within reach for both candidates, though the current Real Clear Politics average shows Peters leading Land by 5.6 points. Terri more »

Chris McDaniel

Chris McDaniel Has Some Serious Money Problems

Follow the Money and You Could Find a Liar, Cheat or Scamster – Maybe All Three Chris McDaniel is looking for money, lots of money, and he needs it now. But the biggest question is exactly what does he need it for, and did his campaign illegally use contributions made by donors for the general election? According to his June 4, 2014 filing with the Federal Election Commission, McDaniel had $60,156 in cash-on-hand at the end of the period. He more »

American Flag

Our Modern “Celebration” of Independence Day

Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Donations; and By The Way … Where’s The Keg? The second sentence of the Declaration of Independence, considered by many historians to be “one of the best-known sentences in the English language”, reads: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Powerful words penned by men of more »

National Victim

We Have Become a Nation of Victims

Foregoing Personal Accountability and Responsibility “Pays Better” Today than Ever Before Fifty years ago, the United States was a power house; militarily, economically, and morally. Fifty years later, we are facing over 17 trillion dollars of debt and have become a nation of victims, a nation of people who look for the easiest way out of our own poor choices; people eager to take what is not rightfully ours as if it’s our due just for living here. If you more »

Ronald Reagan

The Republican Party Can Come Together

A three-step process to build Republican unity so we can win and legislate a realistic agenda Unity is not a word you’ll hear often in reference to the Republican party today. It’s either the words “Tea Party” or “GOP”. We have a three party system in today’s political scene. Why? Aren’t we trying to accomplish the same goal? Don’t we all want to retain the core values and ideals the liberals/progressives are trying to destroy, and preserve what made this more »

Chris McDaniel

McDaniel’s Claim of Voter Fraud Rings Hollow

Chris McDaniel’s Cries of Voter Fraud Don’t Pass a Simple Math Test, Even the National Organizations Are Gone Chris McDaniel suffered a “shocking” loss last Tuesday night in the runoff election for the Mississippi GOP nomination for the US Senate, or did he? Shocking to the extent that McDaniel and the national organizations that poured millions of dollars into the race were supremely confident of a victory? Most assuredly. Shocking when objectively looking at the numbers? Not at all. Cochran more »

Gary Lambert

Gary Lambert’s Not a Leader, He’s a Follower

Does New Hampshire Second (NH02) US House Candidate Gary Lambert Even Know What He Stands For? As a candidate for the US House, former state senator Gary Lambert fails to offer the voters of the New Hampshire Second a clear and concise message about where he stands on many issues; most notably cap-and-trade and reducing the size of government. In 2011, the New Hampshire Journal interviewed Lambert, who was elected in 2010, and asked him what he was enjoying most more »

Washington Post

Washington Post Is Wrong, MN and OR Are In Play

Franken is Weak, Merkley is Desperate, and There Are Definitely 14 States In Play In the Washington Post last Friday afternoon, Chris Cillizza and his team said there are just 12 states with competitive US Senate races. While leaving the door open just a crack, they summarily dismissed Minnesota and Oregon, saying: Republicans insist the playing field is actually 14 not 12 – adding Minnesota and Oregon to the list. We remain unconvinced that Republican challengers in either of those more »

Sen. Al Franken

There’s Nothing Funny About Al Franken’s Voting Record

The Junior Senator from Minnesota is the Top Lap Dog of Barack Obama and Harry Reid In 2008, Franken’s campaign criticized Norm Coleman’s 2003 voting record, saying he voted with Bush 98 percent of the time. “Andy Barr, a spokesman for the other leading Democratic contender, comedian Al Franken, is equally withering. ‘Minnesotans want a senator whom they trust to vote and act based on their values, based on their principles,’ he said. ‘With Senator Coleman, when President Bush was more »