Obama May Be Left with “Me and My Shadow” Soon

Barack Obama is losing friends and allies faster than a children’s party clown with Tourette’s loses gigs (hat tip to Dennis Miller).

If Harry “The Senate floor is a valuable thing” Reid and Nancy “Dem candidates will campaign on ObamaCare” Pelosi abandon him, the president may be left playing a solitary game of “Me and My Shadow”.

With his approval ratings plummeting, the ongoing ObamaCare debacle and now his ambiguous reaction to the events in the Ukraine – as Stephen Green puts it today – it’s getting lonely at the bottom.

Obama and Putin have had something of a falling out over Ukraine, which doesn’t want to hand over big and vital chunks of its territory to Moscow. Obama is also opposed. Moscow, however, does want Ukraine to hand over big and vital chunks of its territory. At the time of this writing, Crimea was holding a referendum which will almost certainly ratify, with 106% in favor, Putin’s recent fait accompli in seizing that big and vital chunk of his neighbor. While the American president hasn’t drawn any red lines, he has set a Monday deadline for Russia to pull back, which at the time of this writing is looking about as firm as an ♡bamaCare!!! deadline.

On one front this is all good news since the odds of a Republican majority in the senate are increasing daily; but the dark-side is our fearless (or feckless) leader is becoming completely irrational, and grasping at proverbial straws to maintain relevancy.

The cavalry is coming in November and takes charge in January. The question is will even Obama’s shadow have abandoned him by then; and the concern is what further damage can he wreak on the country between now and then.

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