White House ACA Enrollment Reminder with the Overlooked Disclaimer Added

A short while ago I received an email reminder, 4 Days: Join more than 6 million people, to enroll in ObamaCare.

However, it seems the message may have been sent prematurely because the appropriate disclaimer was not included.

Being a good citizen I have corrected, what I’m sure was a simple oversight, the notice to include the proper fine-print.

For those of you without 20/10 vision the full text of the disclaimer is below the image.

ACA Enrollment Reminder

* Notwithstanding the 15 day extension, oops – accommodation, already granted; or any additional extensions deemed appropriate due to learning that more than 1 million enrollees have not paid their premiums (remember the back-end functionality is brought to you by the same people who designed the original interface); or if the Democrats lose any further ground in senate polling or the generic congressional ballot; or if the President’s approval rating drops further causing even greater dismay for vulnerable Dem candidates; or in the sole and unfettered wanderings of the administration’s brains it just seems like a good idea or is perceived to be beneficial to Democrats in the 2014 election cycle.

You’re welcome … just trying to do my part to make sure accurate information is distributed.

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