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Occasionally you will even catch a few jabs we’ll throw at each other because, while we do agree at fundamental levels, we do not always agree on issue specifics, the correct political strategy or the most effective campaigning tactics. Civil discourse is just reality.

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Garcia Dominates Fundraising, Again – Lambert Keeps Illegal Contributions

Tom Dougherty on August 29, 2014
For the period July 1 to August 20, Marilinda Garcia outpaced every GOP house candidate by wide margins, again. Based on the latest “pre-primary” FEC filings by all the candidates: Marilinda Garcia (NH02) received $72,331 and spent $117,887 Frank Guinta (NH01) received $34,279 and spent $98,602 Dan Innis (NH01) received $22,891 and spent $84,998 Gary Lambert (NH02) received $12,540 and spent $157,917 The 31 year old state representative from Salem outpaced the others by margins of 2:1, 3:1 and an more »

Has Obama “FORE”-gotten He is The President?

Deb Fillman on August 27, 2014
It hasn’t gotten old yet – laughing at President Barack Obama’s apparent obsession with using golf as a means of escaping the (seemingly) arduous task of actually being President of the United States. I say “being” because he does an exemplary job of “portraying” the President on TV, if and when the occasion requires that he make a public appearance. Take for example the way he heroically abandoned (well, actually delayed) his golf game to express his condolences to the more »

#NHSEN Race: Does Scott Brown Have Jeanne Shaheen Panicking?

Tom Dougherty on August 27, 2014
Several indicators in the New Hampshire Senate race are taking shape that demonstrate Republican challenger, Scott Brown, has Democratic incumbent, Jeanne Shaheen, more than a little unnerved. Last Friday in 78% Probability of GOP Winning the Senate Majority, I wrote: New Hampshire may be the race, without a rating change yet, that has the most intriguing news. After trailing in the poll averages by 8 to 10 points for the last two months, and trailing by 12 points in the more »

Gary Peters Took Money from Donors Connected to Loan Shark Ring

Brandon Helderop on August 22, 2014
This week has seen more eyebrow-raising news from the Michigan Senate race. On Wednesday, Bill McMorris of the Washington Beacon uncovered evidence that Democratic nominee Gary Peters accepted money from a man convicted in federal court on charges related to a loan shark ring. Federal Election Commission records show that Xhafer Laho made five $250 contributions to Peters’ Senate campaign in 2013 and 2014. Laho was accused of helping convicted loan shark Tomo Duhanaj launder money as well as supplying more »

Americans Want Action Mr. President, Not More Rhetoric

Deb Fillman on August 21, 2014
On Wednesday, we published a piece calling on President Obama to “Bomb ISIS/ISIL Back into the Stone Age” in response to their beheading of American journalist James Foley. That would be our preferred method of seeing that “justice” is served for this heinous act of barbarism, which is just the latest in a long and well-documented history of ISIS/ISIL atrocities. Instead we’re getting more vague rhetoric. Predictably, President Obama also spoke out on the subject, but as we reported, it more »

As Desperation Sets in Gary Lambert is Firing False Accusations in #NH02

Tom Dougherty on August 20, 2014
As the New Hampshire primary election draws ever closer, the level of desperation in the Lambert camp is escalating wildly. Internal polling data from his primary rival, Marilinda Garcia, has Lambert down by 23 points, as reported by WMUR. The poll, conducted by Magellan Strategies, surveyed 800 likely voters in the upcoming primary using personal interviewer calls to landlines only. Notably, with the exclusion of cellular phones, it is quite possible that younger voters were under sampled. This is a more »

It’s Time to Bomb ISIS/ISIL into the Stone Age

Tom Dougherty on August 20, 2014
There come quintessential moments in life, whether personal, business, political, or on the world stage. On Tuesday in Syria we saw, in the most heinous manner possible, one of those moments. The beheading of American journalist, James Foley (profiled here by Politico), is “that moment” with regard to ISIS/ISIL, and their actions in Iraq and Syria. Noah Rothman wrote at Hot Air, on Wednesday morning: The execution of the American journalist James Wright Foley by Islamic State militants and their more »

The Democrats and Monty Python … “Run Away, Run Away”

Tom Dougherty on August 15, 2014
Deb Fillman, our Managing Editor, posted an excellent article about the Democratic stampede away from Barack Obama. Democratic incumbents are finding it so hard to run on the president’s agenda, they’ve taken to running away from it as fast as they can. It’s not just his specific policies weighing them down either; According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Americans are “Fed-up” in general, and their approval of the President’s job performance has hit an all-time low of more »

Magnolia Madness – What’s Happening with Chris McDaniel in Mississippi

Tom Dougherty on August 13, 2014
It’s been a week since we reported that the McDaniel campaign violated FEC campaign finance laws, so let’s check in and see what is going on “down south.” Having been denied a hearing in front of the GOP State Executive Committee, McDaniel continues to bloviate that the challenge will be filed somewhere, sometime, someday … but while everybody is waiting the fundraising continues at a frantic pace. UPDATE: McDaniel now claims the challenge will be filed on Thursday. With the more »

A Quick “Road Trip” – The Latest from #KYSEN, #MNSEN and #ORSEN

Tom Dougherty on August 12, 2014
Fasten your seatbelts, as we take off on a quick dash from Kentucky to Minnesota to Oregon, and check on the latest news from all three senate races. Kentucky First stop, the Bluegrass State where Mitch McConnell has stepped out to a four-point lead over Alison Lundergan Grimes, according to the latest poll from Public Policy Polling (a Democratic leaning firm). PPP’s newest Kentucky poll finds Mitch McConnell taking a small lead, with 44% to 40% for Alison Lundergan Grimes, more »
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