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The Ring at Practical PolitickingIn the immortal words of Michael Buffer, “Let’s get ready to rumble” … The Ring is where you’ll find our concise, frequently contentious, and always informative blog posts.

Occasionally you will even catch a few jabs we’ll throw at each other because, while we do agree at fundamental levels, we do not always agree on issue specifics, the correct political strategy or the most effective campaigning tactics. Civil discourse is just reality.

If you read or see something you disagree with then climb into The Ring with us and leave a comment. We’ll most likely “punch back” but we’ll keep the gloves on. Debates here are encouraged and welcome but like boxing, no low blows and “keep it clean”.

Is Jody Hice the GOP’s Todd Akin of 2014?

Jeff Quinton on July 23, 2014
Could Jody Hice, a congressional candidate in Georgia, hurt Republicans this fall? Michael Graham thinks so: Rev. Jody Hice, a radio talk show host (!) just won the runoff in the Republican primary for Georgia’s 10th Congressional district. The vast majority of Republicans outside the Peach State have never heard of him. Then again, until the summer of 2012, nobody had heard of Missouri’s Todd Akin, either. Then Akin started talking about “legitimate rape” and “women’s bodies just shut down,” more »

Living Well May Be the Best Revenge, But Lawsuits Are The Choice for Many

Deb Fillman on July 21, 2014
This sure seems to be the statement a Florida jury sent out this past Friday when they awarded $23.6 billion in punitive damages in a lawsuit filed by the widow of a longtime smoker who died of lung cancer in 1996. Cynthia Robinson, the widow in question also won $16.8 million in compensatory damages. Robinson individually sued R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. in 2008 on behalf of her late husband Michael Johnson Sr. who died at 36 after chain-smoking all of more »

Joni Ernst Believes in “Service” but Democrat Bruce Braley, Not So Much

Tom Dougherty on July 21, 2014
Last Wednesday in our Practical Politicking Report on the state of the current senate races, we had this to say about Iowa: Iowa: This is the state with the latest and greatest news, and positive movement for the Republican, Joni Ernst. Her opponent, Bruce Braley managed to dig himself an even deeper hole this week when he mislead Iowa voters, claiming that he was an Iowa farmer after mocking farmers just months before. Ernst, the one candidate who has had more »

Obama’s Unkept Promise of Change; Democrats See It, and Now Biden Sees It

Tom Dougherty on July 21, 2014
In his acceptance speech back in 2008, then President Elect Barack Obama said: We are, and always will be, the United States of America. It’s the answer that led those who’ve been told for so long by so many to be cynical and fearful and doubtful about what we can achieve to put their hands on the arc of history and bend it once more toward the hope of a better day. It’s been a long time coming, but tonight, more »

Mitt Romney WAS RIGHT on Just About Everything

Tom Dougherty on July 18, 2014
Do you remember when Obama, the Democrats and the uber-cons of the Republican Party all chortled and chuckled at just about everything Mitt Romney had to say? I certainly do and, while the Governor has far too much class to say “I told you so” today, I am not bound by such constraints. So I’ll step up as the “you should have listened” surrogate and say, Mitt Romney was right on just about everything. A.F. Branco’s cartoon (courtesy of Comically more »

US Chamber Endorses Ellis – #MI03 now “Ground Zero” in GOP Battle

Tom Dougherty on July 18, 2014
In a move that will assuredly escalate the internecine fight for the future of the GOP, the US Chamber of Commerce endorsed Brian Ellis in the Michigan Third District on Thursday. “The U.S. Chamber is proud to endorse Brian Ellis’ congressional campaign to represent Michigan’s 3rd congressional district. Both candidates in the primary sought our endorsement, and the choice in support of Ellis on pro-growth issues was clear,” Chamber national political director Rob Engstrom said in a statement. Ellis’ opponent more »

Wehby Reports Solid Q2 Fund-Raising and Merkley Staffer Fails “History”

Tom Dougherty on July 17, 2014
Just yesterday we released the latest Practical Politicking Report ratings and analysis of the competitive senate races, reporting the GOP now has a 75% probability of regaining the senate majority come November. With regard to Oregon, we have been enthusiastic about Dr. Wehby’s campaign and her real opportunity to unseat – first term, Democratic, Obama lap dog, Jeff Merkley – since last November. Our quick overview of Oregon from yesterday’s PPR was: Oregon: The other place the PPR is the more »

Garcia Outraises All GOP Congressional Candidates in New Hampshire

Tom Dougherty on July 17, 2014
On Wednesday, John DiStaso, writing for the New Hampshire Journal, reported on the second-quarter fund-raising numbers announced by the various US House candidates in both congressional districts in The Granite State. As fully expected the two Democratic incumbents; Carol Shea-Porter in the First District, and Ann Kuster in the Second District, had sizable advantages with $219,031 and $565,451 raised respectively. Such is the power of an incumbency in fund-raising. More interesting though are the totals reported by the four GOP more »

Who Does Gary Peters Represent: Taxpayers or Tax Collectors?

Brandon Helderop on July 16, 2014
The National Republican Senatorial Committee has shined a spotlight on Gary Peters connection to the IRS scandal. Recently, a second federal judge has “ordered the IRS to explain under oath how the agency lost emails from former division director Lois Lerner, the woman at the heart of the Tea Party targeting scandal.” Meanwhile, as a majority of Americans want a special prosecutor for the IRS, Gary Peters is turning a deaf ear. Despite Michiganders’ call for transparency over the IRS targeting of conservative groups, more »

George W. Bush Left Office More Popular than ObamaCare is Now

Deb Fillman on July 15, 2014
You think I’m joking? Rasmussen just released its most recent poll numbers for the (allegedly) “Affordable” Care Act, and they are dismal. Put it this way, George W. Bush left office with a “very favorable” approval rating of only 22%, one of the lowest ratings in history, but only 13% of those polled said the same thing about ObamaCare. The rest of the results aren’t much better for a law that was supposed to “help” people so much, that they more »
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