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Making the Case for Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Opposing Views - Episode 1

Donald Trump is not a traditional conservative nor is he a traditional libertarian, pretending otherwise is foolish. Trump’s governing ideology – a pragmatic, populist, nationalism – is, however, sufficiently conservative on taxes and regulatory reform, and sufficiently libertarian on social issues and foreign policy, to enthusiastically enjoy my support. A Trump victory in November, as important as any individual policy position, would represent a wholesale rejection of the political and media establishment.

Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy will end the failed international adventurism of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Trump is committed to a foreign policy that will not spend American blood or treasure without a clear-cut nexus to American interests.

A Trump administration will stop subsidizing regimes who hate us and/or who are complicit in spreading anti-western hate and terror. A President Trump will also rightfully force our actual allies to pay their fair share – we should not be expected to be the world’s police force and we certainly shouldn’t ask American taxpayers to subsidize the protection of Western Europe.

In stark contrast to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump understands the existential threat posed by radical Islamic terror. Trump understands that we must shine a bright light on the anti-gay, anti-woman barbarism of radical Islam.

Recognizing that the threat posed by radical Islam is not simply a theoretical one, Trump supports a common sense approach to immigration from dangerous areas of the world. It is not bigoted or xenophobic to insist that we have a process in place to guarantee to the American people that our generous immigration policy is not being used by radical Islamacists to infiltrate our country. Finally, Trump will not import people who actively seek to destroy our way of life. Anyone seeking to come to our country should share basic fundamental values of human rights and human dignity – particularly as they relate to women and members of the LGBT community.

Donald Trump Is Making Censorship an Election Issue Again

When it comes to economic policy, Trump is pragmatically conservative. Trump may not earn the seal of approval from academia or the think-tank world, but real economic policy isn’t developed in college classrooms or in Washington, D.C. conference rooms.

Donald Trump supports cutting corporate and individual taxes and supports simplifying our overly complicated tax code.

As a successful businessman, Donald Trump knows first hand the need to cut needless bureaucratic red tape. Trump is committed to fundamental reform and stream-lining of our byzantine federal regulatory scheme – which is critical to unleashing the true power of the American economic engine.
Unlike far too many conservatives, Donald Trump understands that we need to invest in our crumbling infrastructure. Trump is committed to rebuilding American roads, bridges, airports and other basic infrastructure that is a foundational need for a vibrant 21st century economy.

While the Trump campaign is unfairly maligned by the media as being “divisive” the truth is that Donald Trump has rejected the ideological culture warriors on both the right and the left. Trump’s campaign has been the first by a Republican Presidential nominee to actively seek out votes from the LGBT community. Instead of getting bogged down in the battle between extremists on both sides of the culture wars over issues like bathrooms or wedding cakes, Trump has sought a pragmatic third way and one that is focused on the big picture issues that truly matter like fighting radical Islamic terror and growing the American economy.

"A Closer Look" at Trump and Clinton

On policy, Trump is sufficiently conservative where it matters most and sufficiently libertarian where it matters most. Arguably as important as any individual policy position, a victory by Donald Trump in November would be a wholesale rejection of the broken and corrupt political establishment and of our dysfunctional main stream media.

Donald Trump’s nomination was a rejection of the GOP establishment by rank and file Republican voters, but our problems extend far beyond the GOP, which is why a Trump victory in November would send an important message to the entire political establishment – that we will no longer accept the status quo. The entire establishment – the professional political class, Wall Street, the special interests – are “all in” banking on a win by Hillary Clinton to protect the broken system. These forces know that Donald Trump would not only be winning without them, he would be winning in the face of their full-throated opposition. A Trump victory would politically neuter these forces.

Finally, a Trump victory would represent a triumph of the American electorate over the main stream media. The media, flummoxed by Trump’s deft manipulation of them, has abandoned any pretense of objectivity and now operates as a de facto arm of the Clinton campaign.

For these reasons, and others, I will enthusiastically cast my vote in November for Donald J. Trump.


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Christopher R. Barron is a political communications and public relations specialist based in Washington, D.C. Barron is the former co-founder of GOProud, the conservative LGBT organization, and currently leads the grassroots LGBT for Trump effort.

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