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Race for The White House – The First Debate

Opposing Views - Episode 1
Race for The White House - The First Debate

Here at Practical Politicking, we are committed to offering multiple views on issues, without the viral hype. When it comes to major issues and events in American life, we will occasionally offer those views in a group of articles from more than one perspective, under the heading “Opposing Views.”

The first in this series is on the presidential debates. While pundits are spinning and wringing their hands over what will happen in the first debate of the general election season, we decided to ask people who are supporting the candidates for their thoughts.

Chris Barron offers his thoughts on why he considers Donald Trump the best candidate for him this cycle. He explains what he believes Trump has to offer, moving beyond the soundbites and incendiary commentaries we’ve been barraged with over the past several months.

Hillary Clinton’s side is taken by former tech writer and current journalist, Mary E. Tyler. Her perspective focuses on what she feels her candidate really needs to do in order to win the day, in the debates and the election. Unlike many other Hillary supporters, Tyler is quite capable of naming accomplishments and merits of her candidate.

The candidate who many think should be on the debate stage – Gary Johnson – is represented by Taylor Millard here. In case anyone was wondering where Johnson stands on the issues, you will find a short sketch here. Also, you might find out why Trump in particular probably doesn’t ever want Johnson on the debate stage.

Stephen Bannon: Presidential Confidant, Puppet Master or Rotten Apple?

Like everything else on this site, we hope that you take a moment or two to think about how these candidates are interacting with the public, and how their messages are resonating with regular people. The writers we’ve offered here have very strong beliefs, but articulated their messages without vitriol. It is possible, and it is important to look beyond the fiery language. Find out which candidate really does agree at least a little with you before casting your ballot.


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