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Donald Trump Is the Definition of Misogyny

Trump By Donkey Hotey
Donald Trump Is the Definition of Misogyny

Donald Trump’s latest hot mic misogyny should be the breaking point.

Boys will be boys. It’s just locker room talk. They’re not serious. It’s just a joke.

All of those phrases could be used to describe the actions of teenage boys who are trying – and failing – to figure out how to navigate through the adult world of intimate relationships. They have these excuses for one very simple reason. They are not grown men.

It’s funny, but it seems that a lot of people are willing to let one theoretically grown man get away with behaving worse than most teenage boys, when it comes to women. Some people might have seen the following video on television, and shockingly enough, there probably were some supposed adults who figured that because it’s a Hillary Clinton ad, it didn’t matter what Donald Trump was saying.

Of course, that is unacceptable. Trump has a long-standing record of being a misogynistic bastard who has zero respect for women. Feminists talk about objectifying women, micro-aggressions, and safe femme spaces, but all of the men they are having issues with are nothing in comparison with Trump. Yes, I am saying that his attitudes and speech about women are far more poisonous than anything any convicted rapist has ever done. Why? Because the rapist is in prison, but Trump is out in the wild, continuing to promote the mentality that creates more rapists.

Trump believes he is entitled to the private parts of any woman he chooses, at least that’s what we’re supposed to understand now, thanks to The Washington Post. As reprehensible as his comments about grabbing a woman’s p—y are, it’s not surprising to me. Trump claimed that himself, and said that he heard worse from another stellar example of perpetual puberty, Bill Clinton. Of course, the unsaid implication is that Trump undoubtedly joined in on the banter, and given his competitive nature, probably outdid the former president in bragging about his prowess with women.

Trump’s Tax Records Are a Lose-Lose Story for His Campaign

In case anyone was unaware, there was a minor leak of some damning audio. Heads were on fire over Hillary calling Trump supporters deplorables not so long ago. Anyone left after this latest release deserves the title, period. Deplorable, reprehensible, disgusting, evil, misogynistic, hateful, disrespectful, and in the case of Trump himself, unequivocally unpresidential.

There are no excuses for this, period.

No, Trump does not get a pass for all of these things by putting his daughter on the screen, saying how much her loving daddy respects women. One has to wonder whether or not he paid her to say that.

To place this entire situation in perspective, I’m not one of those hand-wringing Victorian women who has no clue about sex. I’m not one of those feminists who claims that all “penis in vagina sex” is rape, either. While I normally try to keep a wall between my other writing and this place, I think it’s important to point out that at least some of my time is spent defending the rights of consenting adults who engage in forms of sexual expression that many outsiders would leap to call abuse. I’ve personally consented to being referred to as a slut, and many other demeaning terms, but what Trump has done is not comparable to any of that.

I have known women who have happily consented to having their bodies available for sexual use by their partners on demand, but no matter how demeaning any of those men would be, Trump is worse. The obvious difference is that the women were consenting, but more than that, even when some men choose to use words like “slut” or “whore,” it is not with the disrespect that Trump has in every ounce of his being. The men I know from that other world I write about might use words people think are cruel, but it’s always with consent. The women Trump has been repeatedly caught on tape insulting didn’t have that choice. While he was speaking with vulgarity about a select few women in this latest tape, there’s something that people need to realize after listening to it.

Preserving the Original Definition of Debate

When Trump speaks about grabbing p—ies on that tape, the American public should look at their mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and assume that he is referring to all of them. Why should anyone differentiate? Trump himself obviously doesn’t, except to say that he’s discerning, and won’t go after any ugly women. He reserves his barnyard references for the women he considers unattractive, which means that the public should assume that he looks at all “less-than-perfect” women as dirty animals, or something.

This isn’t behavior that people should be making excuses for, because Trump himself doesn’t. In his mind, there isn’t anything wrong with reducing women to genitalia. Embrace that, if you’re thinking that Trump is the man to save this country. Accept that women have no value beyond what lies between their legs, but even that is useless, if you don’t meet Trump’s standards for appearance. I would say that he views all women as prostitutes for his personal use, but in spite of the fact that he could afford it, he apparently believes that he’s entitled to “freebies” from any attractive woman who crosses his path. I’m waiting for someone to intelligently explain to me how that attitude is a “conservative value.”

So, anyone who thinks that it’s still a good idea to support this reprehensible troll for president probably should try to figure out if they are into the kind of kinky behavior that includes being demeaned on a daily basis. That’s what you’re saying you want, by claiming there are any redeeming factors whatsoever in Trump. Personally? I’ll stick with insisting on only consensual situations. I guess that means I’m definitely off Trump’s list of p—ies.


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