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Thank You Trump for Highlighting Our Broken Government

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Thank You Trump for Highlighting Our Broken Government

Donald Trump may have thought that he was doing a good job scaring Hillary Clinton with threats of jail. Did he just remind America about our broken government?

By now, everyone knows about the threat Donald Trump made to Hillary Clinton at the townhall debate. Not only did he threaten to assign a special prosecutor to look into her email scandal, but he also said something that raised even more eyebrows in the exchange. When Clinton said that she’s glad he’s not in charge of the justice system he quipped, “you’d be in jail.”

There is a lot of talk as to whether or not this shows that America can quickly fall under a fascist rule. While this whole fiasco has shown that the media still can’t decipher right nationalistic socialism from left nationalistic socialism, it also sheds light on an issue that isn’t being widely discussed – the intertwining of our justice system with the executive branch of government.

We all know that when government investigates the government for something government has done wrong, the findings always reveal that the government found the government free and clear of all charges. Yet, we accept it and move on as if it’s just business as normal. One of the appeals that Donald Trump has to his base is that he is supposedly an outsider who will get into office and clean up Washington. This repair of D.C. will most certainly include further investigation of Hillary Clinton on any wide number of scandals until a conviction is handed down and she is behind bars.

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However, if this were to happen, wouldn’t that also be business as usual? Remember: the executive branch of government continuously interferes with the workings of the judicial branch. In turn, the judicial branch gives the executive branch a pass on their crimes and allows them to live above the law. How could Donald Trump using his executive power in order to manipulate the criminal justice system be any different than another person using executive power in order to get the opposite result?

What we have seen from Washington is a trickle down version of corruption that has slowly removed the blindfold of Lady Justice. Furthermore, with the height of social media and opinion polls mattering more than ever before, the people themselves have demanded their say in how the justice system is run. Lady Justice is being blinded by the light of cameras while people are looking up her skirt waiting for a slip of her underwear. She has government whispering in her ear while smoke bombs trying to disperse the crown are suffocating her.

The solutions to corruption have come down to either two wrongs making a right or mob rule. From the bottom down to the bottom up, we see that there aren’t any easy solutions in fixing this madness. Quite frankly, we keep making the situation worse. Government can’t fix itself and the people are too whipped up in a frenzy to see straight, let alone grasp any simple facts on the issue. We have entered a paradox from which this is no escape.

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If you see any of the corruption in our justice system, then you have to give somenod to other who do as well, such as: Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, the Bundy Ranch crew, and those sovreign citizens who will never forget Waco or Ruby Ridge. While these groups are divided in almost every single way imaginable, the fact that they all recognize the same problem is notable. Sadly, all of these people will not admit that they fundamentally stand for the same cause. Since humans are involved in developing the system and messing up the system, I have little hope that humans will fix the current fundamental flaws that have become commonplace within out system. Most certainly, our solution will not come from Donald Trump (or Hillary Clinton, for that matter.) We need to face that the solution will not come from the political class at all, but it can come from the people.


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