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Witness the Complete Unhinging of Donald Trump

Head Explosion
Witness the Complete Unhinging of Donald Trump

One man does not a party make, and the Republican Party should release the hounds, castigate Trump and focus on the Senate.

Donald J. Trump has officially lost it even by previous standards, and the GOP needs to step up, focus on the Senate majority and carpet-bomb the Trump campaign. He brings absolutely nothing to the party, and most critical-thinking Republicans realize the best outcome now is to hold both chambers of Congress.

As he typically does in his most lunatic of moments Mr. Trump took to Twitter today, and the insanity of his comments simply cannot be ignored.

Not one public poll placed you as the winner of the second debate (or the first for that matter) but never let the facts stand in the way of a great lie.

One member of the US House stood up for you after the conference met, while more than three dozen have either pulled their previous endorsements or called for you to step aside.

This one I’ll leave alone except to opine it promises the greatest possible concern for behavior that will defy any logic.

If you were, in fact, a true Republican or even marginally beneficial to the party maybe the members would look upon you in a different way. But your mental instability makes it difficult, at best, and impossible, at worst, to stand with you.

The only thing you’ll teach anybody on November 8 is how to get thrashed in the Electoral College.

I sincerely doubt Senator McCain ever begged you for anything except possibly to grow up and act like a presidential candidate instead of a spoiled brat.

Make no mistake my friends, these are the ramblings and rants of a mentally disturbed man with more psychoses than can be swept aside without serious consideration, not as a candidate, but as a functional member of society.


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