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Samantha Bee and John Oliver School the Republican Party

Trump Measuring Something Small
Samantha Bee and John Oliver School the Republican Party

Washington is often called “Hollywood East” because politicians love the spotlight. Samantha Bee and John Oliver tell them what they really think of them.

The broadcast networks have been using their late night shows to lampoon politicians for years, so it’s not surprising that their cable and premium network counterparts are doing the same thing. We’ll start with Samantha Bee here.

If you didn’t watch the previous video, we’re not going to summarize for you. What we are going to say is that Samantha Bee managed to call it like it is when it comes to the entire media reaction to the “leaked” video of Trump using the “P-word.” More importantly than that, she pointed out the fact that when he was shoved in front of a camera to apologize for it, he made every joke about Obama’s teleprompter irrelevant in under three minutes. That said, do go back and watch the media collectively stumble over the crass word choices of Trump, because you need to.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of Samantha Bee’s treatment of this situation, since she went on to dissect the Republican reaction to the hated video.

Scottie Nell Hughes apparently made the rounds with every station willing to put her on air, on behalf of Trump. That’s sad, and we’ll get back to that. Other highlights on the right include Ted Cruz, Mike Pence, and Mitch McConnell, who all apparently think that the fact that they are somehow related to women makes Trump’s comments wrong. We’ve heard people suggest that one person or another has turned back the clock for women to the 1950’s. The men of the Republican party are taking it back much farther – as in to the World War I era. You know, back before women could vote, and were essentially treated as less than human by the law.

The GOP Needs a Big Trump Loss in NV, NH, NC and PA

At least there was one Republican who stood up, said what needed to be said, and even told off Scottie Nell Hughes on air. Republican strategist Ana Navarro said what really needed to be said. Of course, she also got tossed off of CNN for doing it. We’ll get into what needs to be said – repeatedly – later.

But first, we should take a look at John Oliver’s contribution to the late night commentaries.

Again, we see that John Oliver was forced to point out the obvious – just because you are related to a woman doesn’t make what Trump said wrong. It is wrong because he chooses to dehumanize half of the human race. Otherwise, John Oliver reiterates why none of this should be a surprise to anyone, because this is how Trump is.

As for what needs to be repeated often, even if Scottie Nell Hughes doesn’t like it, is that the Republican party managed to put a reprehensible creature up for the office of the presidency. The party needs to own that. It won’t. It will probably splinter more than it already has, which may be for the best. At the rate we’re going, Trump will make history no matter what the results are in November. He’ll probably be able to claim the honor of finally putting the GOP to death. There are at least a few people who are hoping for that.


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