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The People Are Not the Deplorables – The Candidates Are

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The People Are Not the Deplorables – The Candidates Are

There are deplorables out there this election season, but they’re not who Hillary said they are. Time for the candidates to look in the mirror?

There’s been a very big elephant in the room this election season, and it’s not the GOP symbol. It’s fair to say that there are relatively few people out there who are actually hyped about voting for the presidency this cycle. Sure, there are vocal minorities from the fringes running around with their heads on fire on social media, but normal everyday people are well… disgusted.

This is a bipartisan thing, as in there is a level of apathy building that might turn into the real star of this election show. Polls are one thing, but the real test will be to see how many people actually make it out to cast a ballot. Personally, I’m betting on an extremely anemic turnout, especially considering the amount of coverage and contentious debates that are out there.

Headlines today are starting to look like what people see in other countries, where there are protests over everything all the time. Perhaps Donald Trump is proud of himself, because of the death threats to the Arizona Republic for endorsing Hillary. That’s not to say that the other side is guiltless, but we do have to wait and see who decided it was a good idea to firebomb and vandalize a GOP field office in North Carolina. Then there are the hot button issue style protests, which have managed to cause death threats against high school students who decided to emulate professional athletes.

We have under a month left until the election, but somehow it doesn’t seem like that will be the end of this insanity. All of these things are just symptoms of bigger problems we have as a society.

Making the Case for Gary Johnson

What really doesn’t help is the reason why many people are so apathetic this time around. Remember when so many people were appalled at the fact that Hillary suggested nearly half of the Trump supporters were a “basket full of deplorables”? Her venom was aimed in the wrong direction, and should have been used to describe the entire field of presidential candidates – including third party options.

If Trump had his way, we probably wouldn’t have the following, which clearly illustrates the fact that the American public is stuck with a pile of deplorable candidates for the presidency.

For those of you who didn’t watch that, you’re the reason why we’ve reached this point as a nation. Maybe not, but you definitely need to rethink that choice, even if you absolutely hate John Oliver. The fact is that he did something in one spot that hasn’t been done in such a short form. Also, you missed out on learning about the only brutally honest presidential candidate we have this time around.

Even honesty doesn’t save that candidate from being deplorable, though. We’ve had more than enough information spoon fed to us about Hillary and Trump to realize how deplorable they are. It’s the third party candidates – Gary Johnson and Jill Stein – who get scrutinized in that video, since most of the media hasn’t been paying attention to them. That’s probably a good thing, since it’s likely that they wouldn’t have the little support that they do if the media was really holding their feet to the flames over their ideas.

Stein has a lot of ideas that would probably be popular, especially among younger voters. Read: voters who haven’t learned how things work, yet. Stein’s campaign is a “free pony” show, only instead of furry beasts, she’s talking about printing money to erase college debt. Let that sink in a moment, understanding that the president doesn’t have that power, and how our country would be competing with Mexico in a race to devalue our currency. Hopefully Trump doesn’t hear about this one, since it might make the U.S. look less appealing to immigrants from south of the border. We might see a mass exodus to greener pastures – in South America.

Joss Whedon and the Case for Cultural Depoliticking

When it comes to Johnson, he’s simply a hot mess, mostly because the Libertarian Party is one. Yes, there are many good ideas coming from that group, but they still suffer from the concept of wanting “all or nothing.” There has never been a real plan for transitioning from our current form of government to the libertarian ideal, so Johnson doesn’t really have a plan either. No matter how much anyone wishes it otherwise, we simply can’t go from the huge government we have now to nearly nothing – not peacefully, at least. Trump might appease us on that one, but unfortunately that could involve suffering through a nuclear winter first. At least when Johnson has meltdowns with the press, he doesn’t suggest that he should sue or silence them, like someone else we know.

So, it looks like the 2016 election year may go down in history as the one with the worst field of presidential candidates. Let’s hope so, because it’s really difficult to think what could be worse!


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