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What You Need to Know Before the Presidential Debate

Trump Vs Hillary
What You Need to Know Before the Presidential Debate

Ready for the last presidential debate? We are! Here’s what you need to know before watching (or not watching) tonight.

The last presidential debate is tonight, and thankfully it’s in Las Vegas – what might be the only city that can survive it!

While the voters are generally worn out from all the nonsense, the media and entertainment world are still milking this election for all it’s worth. That means people like Michael Moore are out there touting their stuff – even if the hype is more than the actual product. Moore hastily released “Trumpland” on Tuesday, but if anyone was expecting a film indicting the reality-TV-star-politician, too bad. It’s all about Hillary, apparently. Moore’s getting older, so maybe he’s getting away from the harder hitting stuff.

If you’re one of those people who has been loyal to one party or the other, but simply can’t see yourself voting for your party’s candidate this year, you’re not alone. Charles Barkley is in that boat, along with perhaps millions of other Americans. Looking for the bright side of everything, if people would manage to do what Barkley is struggling with, and hold their noses while voting for Hillary, at least taxpayers can rest assured that they won’t be footing the bill for Bill to wear Versace gowns, like Michelle Obama. Because Trump’s bank account is supposedly so “Yuuuge!” we shouldn’t see bills for Melania’s wardrobe either.

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For those of you from the Ted Cruz point of the political continuum (people who theoretically care about who will end up on the Supreme Court), don’t expect to hear any talk about that from Trump in the debate. While it doesn’t happen often, John McCain is probably right about this issue. Conservatives shouldn’t expect Trump to stick to any lists of potential nominees for the highest court. This is an ideological thing, folks. Get real. As it is, Trump’s conservative bona fides have been in question all along for a very important reason – he was a liberal before he bought his way into being called a conservative. (Please, don’t try to suggest that he didn’t shift his political donating habits from the left to the right just over a handful of years ago.)

As more polls pop up suggesting that Hillary will win, there’s some buzz about what Trump will do – other than throw a temper tantrum, and insist that the election was rigged, of course. Since Garrison Keillor already pointed out very eloquently why the high society of the Big Apple just doesn’t like Trump, his suggestion is Nebraska for after the election – the one place he has a 2-1 lead. The man who brought us “Born in the U.S.A.” thinks Trump won’t go quietly into that goodnight. Of course, Trump’s supporters would be among the first to tell Bruce Springsteen to “shut up and sing,” but the Boss isn’t wrong, if we’re going to base it on where the rhetoric is going now.

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Of course, there’s some hand wringing in the media, saying how this election is historic. Sure, it is, since we could end up with our first female president. The media needs to stop confusing the words “popularity” and “disapproval,” though. There’s a huge difference. Just ask the network producers who brought you “Dynasty” and “Dallas” in the 80s. The shows were highly popular, but the public didn’t necessarily approve of the dirty dealings done by the villains in them. Sort of like Alexis Colby and J.R. Ewing, our current presidential candidates are very popular – people just don’t like them very much. Salon at least made an attempt at pointing out the difference. Better luck next time?

If you are going to choose to watch the debates tonight, instead of binge watching something more worthy on Netflix, like “The Twilight Zone,” you probably should partake of at least some liquor. There’s a list of “official” drink cues out there. Beware of any drinking game that suggests you drink when Trump scowls, or when Hillary smiles like Wednesday Addams. That may require medical intervention!

Pre-debate (or debate substitution) viewing:

See Trump’s best surrogate blame everyone else for his bad behavior!

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