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Fear And Nationalism Dominate People’s Agendas Worldwide

Mirroring Vitriolic U.S. Election, Fear And Nationalism Dominate People's Agendas Worldwide

Anti-immigrant sentiment and economic uncertainty rule the West, as patriotism surges in emerging markets.

NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — A new study released today by Havas Worldwide reveals that the “us versus them” debate that divides the Trump and Clinton campaigns is rapidly gaining traction around the world. With more than five million Syrian refugees displaced, a wounded European Union reeling from the aftermath of Brexit, and nearly daily terror attacks, trust in others and confidence in the future are at an all-time low.

The report, Pride and Prejudice: Shifting Mindsets in an Age of Uncertainty,” surveyed people across 37 countries. Major findings include:

1. Pride is no longer the domain of Western nations, as is often assumed. A wave of neo-patriotism is sweeping across both emerging markets and traditional nations. While 70 percent of people globally agree with the statement, “I am proud of my country,” the world’s proudest countries are:

  • Cambodia (97 percent agree)
  • Laos (96 percent agree)
  • Saudi Arabia (94 percent agree)
  • India (93 percent agree)
  • Myanmar (91 percent agree)
  • UAE (88 percent agree)
  • Colombia (87 percent agree)
  • Philippines (86 percent agree)
  • Australia (85 percent agree)
  • China (77 percent agree)

2. True to Brexit, the past, rather than the future, is where people’s confidence lies, largely thanks to the global financial collapse. Economic success was the least significant contributor to national pride in 29 of 37 countries surveyed. Italy (3 percent), the Adriatics (4 percent), and Argentina (5 percent) are the most disillusioned, while Singapore (71 percent), Germany (55 percent), and India (45 percent) express confidence in their economic future. Not surprisingly, only 20 percent of respondents in the UK are proud of their economy, while a mere 31 percent of Americans have faith in their country’s financial future.

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3. Forty-five percent of people globally believe their country is moving in the wrong direction, and an equal number are in favor of taking extreme measures in exchange for greater security. Reflecting Donald Trump’s campaign, 35 percent of Americans indicated support for a ban on immigrants from countries known to harbor terrorists. The top ten nations that would support a similar ban:

  • Czech Republic (78 percent)
  • Russia (72 percent)
  • Estonia (64 percent)
  • Turkey (62 percent)
  • Lithuania (61 percent)
  • Laos (54 percent)
  • India (50 percent)
  • France (47 percent)
  • Germany (46 percent)
  • Belgium (46 percent)

“As a global organization with a finger on the pulse of the world’s citizens, we often find it challenging to share data that can be personally upsetting,” said Andrew Benett, Global CEO of Havas Creative Group. “So many news analysts have found themselves in this same position recently, as we watch with concern the rise of exclusionism and the decline of civility. Yet this study also reveals a great imperative and opportunity to counteract these feelings of pessimism and insecurity by reinforcing values of transparency, safety, trust, and togetherness.”

“Pride and Prejudice: Shifting Mindsets in an Age of Uncertainty” draws on findings from an online survey of 11,976 people aged 18+ in 37 markets. The survey was created by Havas Worldwide and fielded by Market Probe International. For more information or to download the report, please visit mag.havas.com/prosumer-report/pride-prejudice.

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