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Hillary Could Lose Even if She Wins, If It Is Close Enough

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Hillary Could Lose Even if She Wins, If It Is Close Enough

Without a mandate from the voters, Hillary could face a hostile Congress, possibly even impeachment.

The election is less than a week away, and most pollsters and pundits still expect Hillary Clinton to win, the reopening of the FBI probe notwithstanding. I tend to agree with them, although I hold out hope that her win will be far less of a landslide than predicted, and close enough to send a message to the FBI, and Congress, in particular Democrats facing midterm races, that this “nasty” woman won by hook and crook (literally), and not because the American people actually want her to be the President.

If she wins, I hope it’s by the slimmest of margins, slim enough perhaps to call into question the legitimacy of her win, and no, it’s not because I prefer her opponent, I don’t. I’m just like a solid half of the nation (probably more) who truly believe Hillary Clinton is a criminal and an enemy of the state. She should be on trial, and likely headed to prison, not up for election, and likely headed to the White House.

Why would I want to delegitimize the process? You mean aside from the fact that I do honestly believe she and the Democratic party have engaged in fraud from the earliest days of this election? Simple: because it’s my opinion that her policies would be so damaging to the country, I think we would do better operating without a functioning government for a while, rather than letting her, or the members of the House and Senate, think she has anything resembling a “mandate” from the people. I would rather they be confronted with the fact that most Americans have zero faith or trust in their leadership, and that they be distracted by lawsuits contesting the results.

Before you ask, yes, I do know what’s at stake, and what a dangerous world we live in right now. I am fully aware that the more chaos we have at home, the less well we will be able to address problems abroad. I just think a functioning Clinton administration would be markedly worse, and there really are no good reasons for us to get involved in what’s going on abroad anyway. Putin is going to do what Putin is going to do, and there’s very little Hillary Clinton can do to stop him. The same is true for domestic issues. Whether we’re talking about the Obamacare death spiral, student loan defaults, or our out-of-control debt, there’s almost nothing any incoming President can do to make things even marginally better, and a whole lot they could do to make things markedly worse.

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My contention is that anything Hillary would do to address these problems would make things worse. Every. Single. One. I have seen how she operates, and she is as predictable as night following day. She will act in her personal best interest, the country, its laws, its people, and its allies be damned. She will begin advocating for Single Payer and student loan relief with her inaugural speech, both of which will make our current debt look manageable by comparison, and if her scapegoating “Russian Hackers” has shown us anything, it’s that she would rather risk war with Russia than take responsibility for her own bad choices.

How would a narrow win stop Hillary? Well, there really are no guarantees. The only thing that would literally stop her would be impeachment, and conviction, the trouble is, Congress would be less likely to pursue impeachment if she wins by a wide margin. As it now stands, Republicans in Congress aren’t even popular with their own voters. Since they would be the members who would have to vote to impeach, they would have to believe they had the support of at least half the electorate, ideally more than half. If, for example, the electorate is split three ways, with a sizable percentage voting third party, and Hillary still only defeating Trump by a slim margin, it will be clear that most Americans definitely didn’t want HER to be President. Sure, it will mean they didn’t want him either, but their willingness to vote for third parties they knew couldn’t “win” outright will tell Congress they would still rather lose than vote for Hillary. As long as the total number of votes earned by Trump and the third party candidates is greater than her total number of votes, I think there’s a chance she will lose any perception of a “mandate,” and Congress will be motivated to act to at least thwart her, if not to impeach her.

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If, on the other hand, she wins in a landslide, the perception will be that in spite of all the scandal surrounding her, the people want her as their president. With the press on her side, there will be no Woodward and Bernstein to make impeachment nearly impossible to avoid, and in all likelihood, Congress will worry more about being accused of “sexism” than dereliction of duty.

Right now, polls show her lead narrowing, and that’s probably why she’s urging people to vote early. She knows the longer people wait to vote, the more likely they are to hear more about the FBI investigation reopening, and the more likely they are to either stay home, or vote for someone other than her. If, as many Trump supporters contend, the polls are skewed in her favor as well, her lead could be even narrower than we’re told. I’m not a Trump supporter, but this is one instance when I hope they are right.


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