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Education Needs to be More Than the Three R’s

Yes, there are many people who are concerned about the fact that our educational system is lopsided when it comes to ideas, and too soft when it comes to basic discipline. Aspen Institute is suggesting that we need to rethink the current course, at least a little bit. While they are still suggesting that educators need to be concerned with the emotional development of students, they are also saying that part of education should include resolving differences. That implies that at least someone is talking about reintroducing differing views in K-12 classrooms. Perhaps this is a step toward teaching critical thinking skills again in schools?


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  1. We need to bring back logic and rhetoric for those kids who plan to go on to college especially, and voc tech for those who really don’t want to be “scholars” or learn a white collar “skill.” This would necessarily mean setting aside dreams of some egalitarian utopia, where people with college degrees are just as happy delivering pizza, fixing toilets, and driving cabs, as they are arguing cases in court, doing brain surgery, or being a CEO (hint: with student loan bills being what they are, they aren’t, and never will be).

    Americans need to recognize that people get an education not just to be a hoot at cocktail parties, especially if they don’t plan or want a future filled with cocktail party conversations. The reason people want to be educated is *primarily* so they can have something of value to offer in exchange for a PAYCHECK.

    Critical thinking is essential, but not so more people can work at solving the world’s problems, rather so they can work at solving their OWN problems more effectively. Only then can we reduce the size and scope of gov’t.

    Of course personally I think education has been kept intentionally mediocre in this country specifically for the purpose of making people dependent upon larger and more creeping authorities in gov’t, but even if one doesn’t wear a tinfoil hat, it is curious that for all the decades of downward trending, there hasn’t been more of an outcry to STOP doing what we are doing with education, because it is NOT WORKING.

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