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Practical Politicking Profiles Podcast – Doug Kaplan

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Practical Politicking Profiles Podcast - Doug Kaplan

It seemed like all the pollsters got the presidential election. Listen to Doug Kaplan explain why the numbers really were there.

It seems that pollsters in the U.S. are having problems with getting it right when it comes to predicting who will win in presidential elections. At least that’s what most people would think if they are relying only on what they see from the media. What if the media is really what is wrong?

We talked with Doug Kaplan, founder of Gravis Marketing, and a pollster who has come under fire by the media in the past (but they came back and admitted that they were wrong.) Of course, we asked what went wrong this cycle, and Kaplan definitely had his thoughts on that, among other things. Listen to this episode of Practical Politicking Profiles Podcast to find out what polling really is, and what went wrong this time around.

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