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Politics and Princesses-Barron Trump Bearing Brunt of Hatred

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Politics and Princesses-Barron Trump Bearing Brunt of Hatred

Hate President Trump all you want, but there is no excuse for targeting Barron Trump with your hatred, period.

It seems that lately people have run out of derogatory things to say about Donald and Melania Trump. The jokes have been told, the names have been called and the people have marched on Washington. Hmmmm….how else can we show our displeasure and disgust for our new president? I know! Let’s attack his ten-year-old child.

Granted this disgusting behavior is no new phenomenon. The Obama girls were called their fair share of degrading and ruthless names. It is a wonder that Chelsea Clinton has a shred of self-esteem left after she was publicly attacked by citizens opposing her parents. It appears that the American public has unfortunately gone straight off the deep end when it comes to trolling Donald’s fifth child, Barron Trump. Here are some of the vile and disgusting things that grown ups have said about a ten-year-old boy whose only crime was being brought into the world by a misogynist, power-hungry tyrant and his wife.

Rosie O’Donnell jumped on the bitchy bandwagon early in the game making claims that Barron was autistic. Parents of autistic children and neuro-typical children alike found these claims offensive, hurtful and outrageous. Her tweets were later retracted and the remarks that she made were spun in an attempt to turn the statements into an autism awareness campaign. Nice try Rosie, no one bought it. Rosie’s statements were the match. She lit it, others fueled the fire of hatred, and unfortunately it continues to burn. Remarks about America’s First Son are growing meaner and more outrageous by the day.

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Actress Julie Bowen was recently slammed for poking fun at Barron Trump’s public demeanor. While some clearly found her jokes inappropriate, I didn’t think they were all that bad.  She aimed at keeping the mood of the country light-hearted and has said that her children would be acting the same way at such an event. Yes Barron often looks bored, because he probably is bored! Yes he is squirmy, because he is ten years old and those chairs are hell on your butt! I have kids, Julie has kids, we know how they can act. If my girls were sitting in Barron’s seat, my middle child would have been picking her nose and my oldest would have been angry over not being able to play with her iPad at daddy’s Inauguration. Compare Julie’s silly jokes playing on Barron’s embarrassment at watching his dad rock out to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to these disgusting tweets:

#BarronTrump looks like this is the first time he’s seen the sun. #vampire

Barron trump looks more of a freak than his dad, and that takes some doing

#barrontrump looks like a future rapist

#barrontrump will be America’s First homeschool shooter

Donald Trump enters the presidency with the lowest approval rating in recent history. The people of America, and the world, are scared and angry. These disapproving citizens can verbally attack the president all they want. He is a grown man in a position that requires him to have thick (albeit orange) skin. (In my opinion he is going to really have to work on toughening up emotionally, but that is a whole other ball of wax.) But I digress, President Trump is a grown man in the public eye and he probably won’t need years of therapy to undo the emotional scarring and residue that these verbal attacks will leave on him. His wife seems to be a tough cookie as well. Much like the strong women who inhabited the White House before her, she is a constant target for slander and shaming. She is grown and she can take it, just as Michelle and Hillary did.

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Barron is a young child at the mercy of his parents, their position, the American people and their tweet-happy fingertips. Lay off the kid and get it together America. March, protest, cry, move, do whatever you need to do to endure these next four years. The manner in which you choose to express your disdain should never include saying or writing scathing remarks about a young child. Aim your anger at the appropriate person and muster up a bit of class and integrity. This is a child who is only one year older than my oldest daughter. He enjoys playing with trains, building with Legos and he loves his parents. He. Is. Ten.

Barron is a victim of a hatred, your hate America.

Shame on you.


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