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2A Talk – Moving to Semi-Auto Hunting Life In Pennsylvania

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2A Talk – Moving to Semi-Auto Hunting Life In Pennsylvania

More humane hunting practices are hopefully coming soon to Pennsylvania, in spite of anti-gun propaganda.

Pennsylvania hunters might be doing the happy dance in short order. Penn Live is reporting the following:

“The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to permitting the use of semiautomatic rifles and shotguns while hunting for big and small game and furbearers.”

Pennsylvania is one of the few states still living in a time before time. Pennsylvania gun owners have had fairly good freedoms in regards to gun ownership, concealed carry, and open carry. Hunters have been stuck with using bolt action, lever action, or pump shotguns for hunting purposes.

Many states including Pennsylvania have caliber restrictions in regards to type of game taken, and I have no issue on this. We as hunters want to take our game in the most humanely way possible. As much as we hunters might want to profess their shooting prowess let’s be real, we don’t make every shot perfect. Being able to take a fast secondary shot to take our harvest is something that I don’t think anyone would disagree with. Unless you are completely against hunting, in which case any argument you make is moot.

There is the old saying of the right tool for the job. In this case a semi-automatic rifle applies here. The anti-gun peddlers will “semi-auto shame” us saying it isn’t sporting. Hogwash I say. Sure hunting can be viewed as a sport, but I cannot in good conscience, say that I would enjoy knowing I made a bad shot. Then the game gets away, only to suffer slowly and die. That isn’t me, and not why I hunt. I don’t know any hunter personally who thinks that way despite the opposition thinking otherwise.

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It appears the comments on the changes have been very positive. This is something I surely would like to see happen. Further use of semi-automatic rifles, is probably the best tool around for removal of feral species such has hogs. I don’t think there is any better type of tool. I am personally against using any type of poison or other device as it is indiscriminate. This could, and does affect wildlife we want to protect.

Removing politicians from the mix means the typical Bloomberg fed agitprop has no bearing in the decision. Least of all, it shouldn’t affect the outcome. Every state in the nation has rules regarding the use of such firearms, and while Pennsylvania is the last holdout, I do not foresee any undue opposition.

Hunters shoot what they know. While I grew up shooting bolt action rifles all my life, many who have served since Vietnam forward, have become accustomed to a semi-automatic rifle in some form or another. Being comfortable with your tool of choice will help you be more successful in getting your harvest. Being able to do it in an efficient manner, which is humane is even better.

With the AR-10 being readily available as a viable option, sporting the 308 cartridge it is a perfect fit for most game. Gun owners love to accessorize and the AR platform leaves a plethora of options allowing the hunter to make sure they are successful. Yes we can be worse than women with shoes and hand bags. With the positive outlook in Pennsylvania, we should be hearing “pew, pew, pew”, by next deer season.


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