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College Students or Cry Babies?

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College Students or Cry Babies?

Free speech on campus should be all about presenting differing views. That still is not the case, as seen in protests against College Republicans.

A new generation of intolerant and ignorant students are attending colleges across the country and their actions and opinions should not only concern their parents—who may be wasting hundreds of thousands on tuition—but everyone who believes in freedom of speech.

The images of the riots at UC Berkeley over a planned speech by a conservative editor/entertainer some students found offensive, to news reports of puppies and therapists brought on some campuses after Trump’s victory, and even exams rescheduled for students who couldn’t cope with the election outcome show how misguided and immature some students are.

It also shows some college administrators are coddling college students instead of teaching them tolerance of others’ views and coping skills to deal with what occurs in life—even if it’s an outcome they disagree with.

Unfortunately, those administrators and professors will be responsible for graduating a new class of cry babies instead of young men and women who will be prepared for the real world.

While some college students may feel emboldened on campus where they are amongst others with similar views, one has to question what these college students will do when they graduate?

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They will inevitably encounter someone who disagrees with them. They may encounter someone who shares some of their views but not all. They may actually even hear someone who makes a better argument than they have ever heard.

And how will they respond? Will they need a therapist or a puppy to calm them down?

On Thursday, an op-ed piece at New York University’s campus newspaper just drove the point home that some of the college students today are completely ignorant and totally misguided.

“NYU administration should strip the College Republicans of its affiliation until it can show responsible and reasonable conduct…. the university needs to show that it has a standard of accountability for any student group that receives recognition, funding and a guarantee of free expression on campus. The administration has a responsibility to protect and set the parameters for the flow of public debate on campus,” the op-ed piece states.

When the author refers to “free expression” it’s apparent she only wants expression she agrees with. So basically any club should be shut down because students disagree with them, their views and dislike their speaker invitees?

This perhaps could be the beginning of a trend: Another story on Friday showed University of Wisconsin-Madison students want a conservative club banned on campus after they invited conservative speaker Ben Shapiro to their campus.

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The students have started a petition demanding the Young Americans for Freedom group on campus be banned.

“Some students at UW-Madison want the school’s chapter banned entirely and have created a petition demanding just that. They say YAF was previously a tolerable organization, but went beyond the pale this fall when it invited Shapiro to deliver a speech on campus last month. Shapiro events at other schools have repeatedly been the subject of large and over-the-top protests from progressive students,” the story about Wisconsin students read.

Aren’t college campuses supposed to be a place where all ideas, not matter how bizarre, are shared? An institution of higher learning where students are exposed to a plethora of subjects, cultures and, yes, ideologies that may be different from their own?

Aside from parents who need to take a stand, alumni also can also possibly influence the state of affairs on college campuses. Hitting these universities where it hurts—their bank accounts—will surely speak volumes if alumni donations start to peter out.

For if the intolerant left is allowed to run rampant on college campuses then the landscape of the institution of higher learning will change be changed for the worse and freedom of speech will go by the wayside.


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