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Donald Trump and His Sinking Boat – The S.S. Bannon

Sinking Rowboat
Donald Trump and His Sinking Boat – The S.S. Bannon

Trump has placed his complete trust in the rogue Bannon, but the media isn’t suggesting that. Isn’t it time to start asking ourselves why?

Today, anyone who has been paying at least a little attention to politics in America is buzzing about the departure of Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn from the National Security Council. Even the ladies on The View were tossing around theories about what went wrong, who was at fault, and what should happen next. It’s all damage control now, when it comes to Flynn himself, and eventually an ugly truth will surface – that President Donald Trump has been taking questionable advice on who should be on his staff, and this is just the beginning.

While Winston Churchill’s bust made its way back into the Oval Office, his wisdom has not. Trump is a businessman, so he’s accustomed to keeping a cadre of “yes-men” around him, which is not the way to survive in Washington, period. However, he did at least try to deflect attention from the Flynn issue via Twitter – it might have worked better, if Jake Tapper hadn’t noticed.

Tapper is right, that the real story isn’t about the leaks in this administration, mostly because the people who are watching – the journalists – already have assumed the source, either consciously or sub-consciously. When Matthew Boyle trots out a story about the possibility that Reince Priebus may be next for the hatchet with three White House sources, the more savvy tend to figure it’s really just one. That said, Trump’s tweet about leaks takes on a far darker tone. As for Boyle’s story itself, it’s not really a complete hit piece on Priebus anyway, and goes from an indictment against his abilities at the start, and finishes like a PR firm wrote it to promote the man. Maybe that’s just Boyle?

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The bottom line is that Trump has put a man beside him who is well-accustomed to staying in the shadows behind someone who revels in the spotlight. He traded down, from a luminary investigative journalist, Andrew Breitbart, to a boastful thin-skinned businessman now president, but we’re short on great men lately. Bannon took what he could get, and has slipped back into his “dark, mysterious, moderately albeit malignantly intelligent” persona.

So, the generally unspoken suspicion is that Bannon himself is Boyle’s source one, two and three of today’s headline on Priebus. It flies, because only people like Whoopi Goldberg are running around suggesting that Bannon is the real president, and who wants to admit that they’ve aligned themselves with that “mental giant” on politics?

While it’s a bridge too far to suggest that Bannon has managed to wrest control from a narcissist like Trump, it isn’t out of the question to finally just say what so many have kept in the backs of their minds from the start – Bannon is a primary source of security concerns within this administration, and will continue to be so as long as he’s in the West Wing. He is the man who turned a media empire built on legitimate investigative journalism into a bastion of what has historically been called “yellow journalism.”

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The nature of the leaks and amateurism we’re seeing now screams “Bannon-style.” For those who are thinking that this suggestion is just finger-pointing, or spitefulness, ask yourself one question – Where are the stories about a search for a replacement for Bannon? Bannon has been cast as the primary adviser to Trump, Svengali of the staff members like Kellyanne Conway, and the one who Trump broke tradition by appointing him to the National Security Council.

As all of these moving parts within the administration start falling apart, how does Bannon continue to remain out of the mix when it comes to taking blame? Think about it.


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