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Politics and Princesses – Transgender Plea – Let Us Pee!

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Politics and Princesses – Transgender Plea – Let Us Pee!

President Trump seems to be good at one thing thus far, and that is sticking to his campaign promises. Mr. Trump remember when you told the public that transgender students can use whatever bathroom they like? ‘Cause I do…

Oh boy.  Here comes the “Bathroom Bill.”  Shit is about to get real guys, (see what I did there?)  It appears that several states are looking at jumping aboard North Carolina’s crazy train, policing public potties and saving the unassuming public from those dangerous, sex-crazed transgender predators.  You read that correctly.  Several states are looking into introducing “bathroom” legislation following the example set by North Carolina’s controversial House Bill 2. Last year North Carolina set a slippery precedence with HB2.  In it’s most basic form, the law mandates that transgender people must use the public bathroom which corresponds with the biological sex on their birth certificate. Apparently transgender individuals pose a real danger to my children and me when we need to go pee pee at Target.

Let’s calm the f**k down for a minute North Carolina and company. On the surface, you appear to be real knights in shining armor, working to protect my darling daughters and me from public toilet predators.  In reality, you have introduced bills and passed laws that target and compromise innocent people, not criminals.

How does being transgender equate with violent, sex crazed perpetrator?

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Texas, Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina have been working diligently on legislation that specifically targets and discriminates against innocent people. It would appear that we have learned nothing from the vile discrimination blunders in our county’s past.  Let’s look at a couple of interesting statistics.

Your child is far more likely to be attacked by a sexually deviant relative or acquaintance than by a stranger who was born with male sex organs and now lives their life as a woman. Ironically, transgender individuals are themselves at great risk of being victims of violence and abuse. Hate crimes aside, studies show that 50% of transgender people will experience some type of sexual violence in their lifetime.  Good heavens, if anyone should be scared to go pee pee it is these folks!

The passing of the HB 2 has cost North Carolina roughly 560 million dollars. Businesses such as PayPal, Deutsche Bank, and CoStar have halted expansion or taken their business elsewhere. The NBA, NCAA, and the Atlantic Coast Conference all pulled major sports events. Conventions and entertainers have also opted out of holding events and staging shows in the state. Bruce Springsteen, Nick Jonas, Maroon Five, Cirque Du Soleil, Pearl Jam and others cancelled shows in protest of HB 2. The Greensboro Coliseum alone has estimated that it had lost over $200,000 in related revenue.

Russia "Gay Propaganda Law" Discriminatory

Have we forgotten, or maybe failed to learn, that inflicting social segregation is an infringement on civil rights and can under no circumstances be allowed? It would appear that the fear of diversity is alive and well, embedded within our society. Women fought for their right to vote. African Americans fought for the right to be treated as human beings. Transgender individuals are now going to have to fight for their right to pee.

These individuals are not going to disappear, just like the civil rights warriors that came before them did not. Here’s the bottom line. The human race is diverse, get over it. You don’t have to agree with homosexuality or transgender identification on moral or religious grounds. You don’t have to like it. But you do have to let them use the bathroom.


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