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2A Talk – Constitutional Carry in New Hampshire

New Hampshire State House
2A Talk – Constitutional Carry in New Hampshire

The Granite State is closer to having Constitutional Carry on the books. Whether or not this trend will continue remains to be seen.

As reported by NH1 the Senate has passed a bill known as SB12 which removes the permitting requirement to carry a firearm in the state. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu has promised to sign the law as it was passed by the Senate with a 13 – 10 party line vote.

A classic liberal view point or perhaps a Libertarian mindset states that we all do as we wish. There is little question that the ability to own and carry a firearm is a right. As such, the need to pay to get a “permit” makes it a privilege, and not a right. This can be viewed the same way from everything such as marriage, to peaceful assembly, etc.

New Hampshire is set to join 11 other states with Constitutional Carry. Even Texas, which is the land of God, Country and Guns does not have Constitutional Carry as of yet, but they are pushing that now.  Crime data viewed at a state level does not show any negative change in homicide rates due to the implementation of Constitutional Carry. Overall we have seen a forty nine year low in violent crime in the United States. There have been some spikes, but we can also point to specific regional areas which are responsible for those. Surprisingly those areas tend to be ones with strict laws concerning firearms. Not that any of us who own firearms are shocked by this.

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The Michael Bloomberg funded “Everytown for Gun Safety” hired no less than eleven lobbyists to try and fight the bill. Moms Demand, and Everytown have no grassroots support. The Progressive liberals within the state legislature fall in line due to monetary support, but there is nothing beyond that point. The entire argument against the bill was that the current law works. What they failed to present is how removing the current privileging process would make things worse. Just because a law is in place does not make it right.

New Hampshire Political Buzz exposed the faux outrage and bloody T-Shirt waving in their article.

“Moms Demand and Everytown used to pretend they were “grassroots” but they never were able to actually get grassroots support. Amy Bradley, who was one of the “faux” grassroots Moms Demanders, is now listed as a paid lobbyist out of Everytown’s New York City office. Interesting this is the same woman who lies that she is for human rights. Apparently money from a man to take away women’s rights is more important than actually fighting for those rights.

Everytown is also paying the lobbyist firm of Demers and Blaisdell in New Hampshire (Jim Demers was a huge Obama supporter who also backed Hillary Clinton.) Demers not only supported Obama policies but he sits on a board of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation which seems to help U.S. companies create jobs in other countries. Either that or it’s a slick money laundering scheme for millionaires and billionaires. It’s not clear if Demers, a gun control supporter, is still sitting on that same board under the Trump Administration.”

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Meanwhile many grass roots pro-gun organizations rallied their followers to write call and speak with their representatives on the bill. Apparently this carries more weight than a check. Granite Staters can rejoice in knowing that true political engagement works. Now we only have 38 more states to go. If Constitutional Carry isn’t in place there are only a handful of states which fall under the “May Issue” laws. California is one of them unfortunately. We as a community will continue to fight at the state and local levels. It isn’t easy, but we can count this one in the win column for liberty and freedoms.


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