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2A Talk – PSA Alcohol and Gun Do Not Mix

Guns And Alcohol
2A Talk - PSA Alcohol and Gun Do Not Mix

Just because a shooting happens at a bar, it’s not necessarily because of alcohol. However, like driving, drinking and guns do not mix.

Fox 4 Kansas City is reporting a shooting which took place at a local bar Thursday, killing one, and injuring two others, one critically. Now the people of the gun are shaking their heads. Yes, I truly do believe that people should be allowed to carry a firearm wherever they go. This includes bars, and restaurants which serve alcohol. The onus falls on the gun owner to be a responsible human being. Just like we don’t drink and drive. If I plan on going to a bar to hang out with my friends, and I carry, my consumption of any alcohol will be zero, or perhaps one. I think responsible adults can act accordingly.

What I find interesting in this case, is not so much what we know, but rather what we don’t. Apparently an altercation occurred with two people and the shooter. The shooter, by witness accounts, then left the bar, only to return with a firearm. One patron who was injured had tried to intervene. Would things have turned out differently if that individual had been armed? If the shooter had been drinking, how much did they have? Clearly the person left to retrieve the firearm, and returned to commit the crime. This shows intent, and malice. Whether he was drunk or not is no longer a factor, and this crime did not happen in the heat of the moment.

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I am obsessed over safety, as are many of my friends. We don’t act foolishly with our firearms. We do not drink and shoot. We properly store our firearms so that our little ones and others don’t have access to them. We train, and maintain our equipment. We are responsible, and don’t take our rights lightly. We are ambassadors for responsible firearm ownership.

Patrons of Austins Bar and Grill state this is a local bar, and everyone who goes there are good friends. One man who said his girlfriend is an Austins bartender posted that Austins “is like the ‘Cheers’ of Olathe, everyone knows each other and you always see the same faces in there every night.” It appears the two intended victims were employees at Garmin, the GPS manufacturer.

There was an additional report that the suspect had used racial slurs, and called the two victims terrorists. It’s been reported that the shooter thought the men he targeted were from the Middle East, but they apparently were from India.

The Kansas City Star has reported “Deputies with the Henry County sheriff’s office in Clinton, Mo., took the suspect into custody at 12:40 a.m. Thursday, according to a statement from Olathe police. Clinton is about 80 miles from Olathe and generally takes about 90 minutes to travel there by vehicle.” The suspect seemed sober enough to drive 80 miles in his vehicle without an issue.

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The regulars didn’t appear to know the suspect, and this appears to be targeted. For that reason alone, I will say that alcohol probably had little to do with it, and the outsider entered the establishment with some level of intent. Certainly a few drinks might have helped him along to commit his crime, but that would not be an excuse for any level of hate this person showed towards the individuals.

This is a sad and tragic crime. The individuals affected were innocent, and provided no provocation for the incident. Any responsible gun owner would not have found themselves in this situation. Trying to muddy the waters that this somehow requires the government to infringe on a basic right is unfounded.


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