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Politics and Princesses – Texas Turns On Uteruses with SB-25

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Politics and Princesses - Texas Turns On Uteruses with SB-25

Texas lawmakers have an unhealthy fixation with uteruses. They just can’t seem to stop writing laws about them, and the latest is SB-25.

When I first came across this gem of a Bill on social media I was convinced that this was “fake news.”  No way!  Can Texas SB-25 be a real thing?  Texas has been pulling some stunts lately and are bold as ever, but this move is outrageous even for them.  A little digging later and it was confirmed,.  This is in fact a real thing and we are officially living in the Twilight Zone, (at least those living in the Lone-star State are.)  This is crossing line Texas…the uterine lining.  Texas SB-25 recently sailed right through the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs and is headed on over to the Senate.

This bill “removes” wrongful birth as a possible cause of action so that this form of negligence can no longer be cited in lawsuits.  Wrongful birth lawsuits stem from the 1975 Texas Supreme court case Jacobs vs. Thrimer.  Dorthea Jean Jacobs contracted Rubella early on in her pregnancy.  Nine months later she gave birth to a baby with disabilities.  She went on to sue the doctor, Louis M. Thrimer, for failing to diagnose her illness, and in turn preventing her from knowing what complications lie ahead regarding her child’s health.   Proponents of the bill claim that it was designed to protect rights to life as well as the doctors who help to bring that life into the world.  This bill doesn’t sound half bad when you put it like that.  Protect the doctors, protect the babies, everyone wins right?

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Wrong again Texas.  I should have know better considering you have been disappointing the hell out of me lately.  First you irk me with your crazy bandwagon bathroom bills, read about that transgender injustice here.  Then you get me all hot and bothered with your anti-vaxxing  trends, take a peek at my feelings about that issue HERE.  Now you drive the nail through the coffin with the bill that seems harmless on the surface, but is nothing more than a smoke and mirrors show.  Texas SB-25 is a flagrant attack on women’s rights and really parental rights in general.  What it is possibly doing is allowing doctors to omit vital information to parents in regards to their unborn baby’s health without any fear of repercussion.  Doctors who are immorally opposed to abortion could hypothetically choose not to inform parents of certain fetal conditions so that abortion then would not be possible.  Being protected by the Bill, if the baby is born with severe abnormalities the physician can walk away with clean hands, absolved from all moral and medical responsibility.  “This bill places a unreasonable restriction on the constitutional right of a woman to make an informed decision about whether or not to have an abortion,” said Margaret Johnson, testifying in front of the committee on behalf of the Texas League of Women Voters.

If you are pregnant in Texas you better hope for a couple of things here.  First and obviously, that your child is born healthy.  Second, that your physician isn’t a die hard pro-lifer.  Third and lastly, if you do happen to have a hard line, pro-life doctor then you better be willing to play a little Russian Roulette.  He or she may very well feel ethically bound from a medical standpoint to release all information and knowledge regarding your child.  On the other hand he or she may feel morally obligated to do all in their power to prevent a stop to life.  It is basically up to them, not you who is carrying the fetus.  Either way make damn sure you are financially stable considering babies born with severe, life-long health impairments can cost a pretty penny.

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Along with omission of information comes the possibility of withholding certain treatment options that could be life-changing for families.  Rachel Tiddle was unaware that her baby had severe abnormalities.  She carried her baby to term and gave birth to a stillborn child.  Had she known of the particular abnormalities she could have opted for experimental treatments in hopes to save her unborn child as well as a permanent heart break.  Will this bill allow for an influx of this type of medical negligence?  Doctors will now hold the power to withhold information regarding a fetus’s health and in turn might end up depriving them of possible life-saving treatments.  Oh the atrocious irony.

Well Texas you did it again.  As disappointed as I am with you I can not say that I am all that surprised considering you seem to be making a habit of infringing on the rights of your citizens.  Really as far as I am concerned all you have going for you now is Chip and Joanna from Fixer Upper.


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