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The Practical Politicking Podcast – America On Fire

America On Fire
The Practical Politicking Podcast - America On Fire

Sometimes social media is a force for good. When it comes to one woman’s efforts to draw attention to a disaster, that’s definitely the case.

More often than not, when there is talk in the media about millennials, it has to do with an attitude of entitlement, and definitely not a high level work ethic. Meet Kaylin Maree Schimpf, a woman on a mission who is not afraid of hard work. Thousands of people have been introduced to her on Facebook, through a series of video and other posts about the fact that she is taking to the road in Texas and Oklahoma to help ranchers in need.

As our nation loses miles of grazing land, heads of cattle, and human lives from wildfires in the heartland, Schimpf is hitting the road with much needed hay and other supplies for displaced ranchers and rescued cattle. It’s not sexy enough to grab major headlines now, but American consumers are likely to feel the pinch from this disaster when they start shopping for their summer cook-outs. Thousands of lost cattle will undoubtedly effect the cost of meat in the coming months.

What started out as a viral post asking drivers to be patient with convoys carrying hay to needy ranchers turned into a social media avalanche for Schimpf. The following is an interview with her, by Mike Gay of FTR Radio. He is a Texan like her, and understands the plight of the ranchers she’s trying to help. Like most natural disasters, there will not be a quick fix for the problems faced by farmers and ranchers in the path of these fires. Beyond the podcast here, we are exploring the long-term implications on the political and bureaucratic levels, with Scot-itude’s Fiona Trafton. Also, we’re exploring the lessons that can be learned from Schimpf’s popularity on Facebook with Greener Grassroots columnist Felicia Cravens. Yes, we will keep up with Schimpf in the coming months, so you can look forward to updates on her story – and on how people can still help her cause, as needs change.

For now, please listen to the following interview, and learn about the story most of the media is missing – America on Fire.

The Practical Politicking Podcast – America on Fire – FTR’s Mike Gay Interviews Kaylin Maree Schimpf


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