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2A Talk – Europe Pushing More Gun Control

2A Talk – Europe Pushing More Gun Control

Restricting working weapons wasn’t enough for Europe and the UK. Now they’re talking banning prop guns and knives.

The Washington Post is reporting that the European Union is stepping up to double down on their already draconian gun laws, because another law will surely fix the problem. It appears that the radical Islamic terrorists used “prop” weapons and had them converted to fire real bullets. For those unfamiliar with how movie companies get all those neat toys we need to look at how that works.

A prop weapon is the same as a real one. There are however some distinct differences. There is a steel bar welded into the barrel to prevent an actual bullet from discharging. Also the action spring is usually much lighter because the gasses involved in firing a blank cartridge are far less. So really what we are talking about is trying to monitor barrels and springs, not firearms. Yes it really is that dumb.

So what real lesson can we learn from the attacks going on in Europe? Well first of all when there is a will there is a way. If you don’t have a gun, you can use a bomb. If you don’t have that, a delivery truck works nicely, or have the French conveniently forgotten that as well? But rest assured it probably won’t stop there.  Just last week we had an axe attack occur in Dusseldorf. Will the EU try and regulate knives, much like being pushed in the UK?

Europe as a whole has seen a marked increase in Rape, kidnapping, and assault. In the UK specifically the home office lied about their crime statistics to make things seem better when they really were not. Almost 400,000 crimes went unreported in their statistics, and sweeping changes to how crime was reported made comparisons over multiple years impossible. Of course it is darn near impossible to own a gun in the UK, so gun crime is low, but that doesn’t mean the peasants aren’t robbed, assaulted and raped on a regular basis. The Guardian  reports that violent crime in the UK has risen, and attacks involving a knife are at all-time highs.

RNC Media Response is Going from the Ridiculous to the Sublime

“Violent crime in England and Wales has risen by 22%, including “genuine but small” increases in murder and knife crime, and overall crime rose by 8% in the 12 months to September, according to police recorded crime figures.”

Meanwhile here in the United States, we are at historic lows for violent crime, despite the raging gang violence in Chicago, and a few other enclaves. Let’s be realistic, minus an uptick under the Obama presidency, the US as a whole is a pretty safe place to live, despite being “awash” in guns. Despite the stupidity levels of some criminals, most are rather practical people. They want to get what they want, and not wind up dead. If the criminals feel that their lives are not safe, because of our right to self-defense, they will look elsewhere to commit crimes. The rate of home invasions targeting an occupied home, is extraordinarily low here in the US, compared to other modern countries like the UK. Why? Because here in the US people can and do defend themselves and their property if they are home.

The principle here is rather simple. When you remove the ability for law abiding people to defend themselves, you open the door for criminals to take advantage of that. Putting faith in government to somehow keep you safe is really the big lie. Wayne LaPierre once said “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.” The idea is really that simple. If you are being attacked, waiting for police or some other government personnel to arrive for assistance is a losing proposition. Being able to take immediate action to stop the attack on your person or persons is paramount.

For Profit is the Origin and Future of Education

Putting laws in place which take away your right for self-defense, or place very strict scrutiny on what is legal self-defense has caused the people living in Europe to become the victims. Making it harder for law abiding citizens to take reasonable steps to protect themselves by using a firearm only gives the criminal element the upper hand. This is why urban areas like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York with strict anti-gun laws have such high crime rates. This has nothing to do with lax gun laws in other states. It has everything to do with preventing their own citizens from protecting themselves. The only thing worse than the politicians pushing for this oppression is citizens welcoming it with open arms.


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