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Tomi Lahren Takes Hits from Conservatives for Disagreeing

Tomi Lahren
Tomi Lahren Takes Hits from Conservatives for Disagreeing

Apparently it’s not possible for conservatives to deal with anyone they place on a pedestal disagreeing with them. How quaint.

One of the more bizarre controversies from the last day or so is the comment from The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren on the fact she’s pro-choice. Lahren made the admission on The View, which caused a pretty immediate backlash on Twitter. Twitchy detailed a lot of the anti-Lahren comments, including suggestions to Glenn Beck and Doc Thompson’s producer she should be fired from The Blaze for the comment.

It’s possible people are angry with Lahren because she tweeted this last October.

Then there are those who support Lahren to the death, including calling people who dare question her stances, as a “libturd.”

I didn’t realize being pro-life meant you were a “libturb,” but okay!

Lahren hasn’t done herself any favors, even though she should probably be praised for sticking to her guns, by pretty much lashing out at those who disagree with her.

It should be pointed out Gavin McInnes has Lahren’s back, even though he doesn’t agree with her position.

Both sides in the debate have a point: Lahren does appear to be hypocritical by questioning why the unborn don’t have rights, then saying she’s pro-choice on The View. But McInnes is correct with the “grow up conservatives” because not everyone is going to agree on everything. I certainly don’t agree with Rand Paul on immigration, but he was my pick in last year’s GOP primary. Gary Johnson made some truly odd (and sometimes contradictory) statements during last year’s election and I still defended, and voted for him. I love Ayn Rand, but don’t 100% agree with everything she advocated, specifically her devout atheism.

Undocumented Immigration and Anxiety

There’s a bigger argument in all this, which is whether or not the right needs to become as puritanical as the left. It probably depends on the issue and where the lines should be drawn. If there’s a candidate out there which claims to be non-interventionist, but actually advocates getting involved in wars which have no business being involved in or suggests he or she is free market, then promises to do “trust busting,” then I’m probably going to take a hard pass on them. The same for candidates who swear to love immigration, but want to limit the ability for people to come in, and push for a government-controlled healthcare industry while lambasting Obamacare. 

It’s pretty obvious there will be times when certain lines can’t be crossed, but it still depends on whether or not they should be voted out of office or removed from television/radio/etc. It might be better to take each issue separately before deciding whether or not to support a television personality or politician. There’s nothing wrong with criticizing someone who having an opinion people don’t agree with, but requesting they’d be fired is rather ridiculous. There are bigger and better fights to make, and being puritanical on pundits and politicians is pretty stupid.


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  1. I don’t know that the kerfuffle is so much to do with conservatives expecting Tomi to toe the party line (though if that WERE so, it would be delicious because she’s so often subjected others to her judgment of what is kosher). Instead, much of the pushback seems to be because it looks like Tomi is changing her ‘core beliefs’ depending upon what audience she gets in front of. A visit to the View where she mutters the right words might lead to a guest host spot there, and then maybe greater audiences and more pay eventually. She’s the new CJ Pearson, just slightly older and a bit more embarrassing, and looking to cash in.

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