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Grassroots Profile – #VoteProChoice

Pro-Choice Rally
Grassroots Profile - #VoteProChoice

If you are looking for a pro-choice organization that is highly focused on one goal, #VoteProChoice is the organization for you.

There are many organizations on both sides of the abortion debate, and the vast majority of them involve themselves in other issues as well. If you’re looking for an organization from the pro-choice side that is highly focused, you can’t get simpler the #VoteProChoice. Their mission is simple – encourage people to vote for candidates who are pro-choice.

That includes all candidates, down to local level, even if that might seem unnecessary. Because of tactics that have been employed to get around Roe v. Wade, even local politicians can affect whether or not women can have access to safe abortions. It has gotten to the point where local ordinances and building codes are being used to close down clinics and doctor’s offices.

70% of voters want abortion to be safe, legal, accessible, affordable and respectful.*

1 in 3 women will have an abortion before the age of 45.

But… since 2010, state legislatures have passed 318 restrictions on reproductive health and abortion. As a result, over 300 clinics have closed.

Our president said that women seeking abortion should receive “some form of punishment.”


We are a prochoice nation. Let’s vote like one.

#VoteProChoice points out the previous on their website, along with offering supporters simple ways to act – on the ground in their communities, on the web, and beyond. While this organization is highly focused, it is partnered with organizations like Democrats.com and act.tv. For more information about #VoteProChoice, you can listen to our interview with Heidi Sieck, their co-founder and CEO.

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