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Politics and Princesses – Economic Costs of NC’s Potty Bills

Money Down The Toilet
Politics and Princesses – Economic Costs of NC's Potty Bills

North Carolina is learning about the cost of Bathroom Bills, in both lost dollars and fewer jobs. How long will it take the people to smack the politicians?

A few months ago I wrote an article called The Transgender Plea- Just Let Us Pee!  This article was my heartfelt response to North Carolina’s “bathroom bill,” which requires persons to use the bathroom that corresponds with the gender on their birth certificates.  Now I personally find this bill ridiculous, and a real spanking to what this country has achieved in the areas of tolerance and acceptance of diversity.  That said we are not going to be revisiting my obvious irritation to this backwards slide of human rights.  We are here to talk money folks.  This stupid, stupid, stupid bill, created out of ignorance and fear, is costing the state of North Carolina some big bucks.

This is an ironic contradiction to what the majority of Americans were hoping to achieve in electing Donald Trump to office.

Months ago the American people elected a president who vowed to make America great again by creating jobs and generating massive economic growth in our country.  This promise was a major sticking point in his presidential campaign and North Carolina bought that jive. That swing state cast its electoral votes for President Trump, but they won’t be seeing an abundance of jobs moving into their backyards anytime soon it seems.  In fact they very well might see the opposite occur.  Along with this newly elected president have come some very whack-a-doo bills, including this Bathroom Bill movement.  This particular bill is going to halt the state from raking in some serious dough.  The country’s ninth largest economy has already seen millions of dollars lost in revenue because of this bill, and that is only projected to get worse over the next decade. A recent analysis by the Associated Press estimates that North Carolina is projected to lose some $3.76 billion over the next twelve years over Bathroom Bills and the injustice that they are perceived to stand for.  Proponents of the bill argue that some $4 billion is a mere drop in the money bucket considering the state’s GDP over the next 12 years is projected to reach $6-7 trillion.  Perhaps that is the case indeed.  Maybe $4 billion is nothing, but it sure seems like a significant number to me.

Politics and Princesses – Transgender Plea – Let Us Pee!

All because why?  A transgender individual might walk into the women’s bathroom and sexually assault a woman or child?  That is not happening.  There is no nation-wide epidemic taking place right now where public bathrooms are unsafe because of Transgender individuals.  There is danger here though; danger of ignorance, of ridiculous hysteria and unnecessary economic strain.

It isn’t just me who sees Bathroom Bills as a problem though.  Here are some of the current canceled business expansions and events that are costing North Carolina…over potty drama mind you:

Deutsche bank canceled a planned expansion of operations near the state’s capital.  This expansion was estimated to bring in some 250 jobs.

Paypal announced that it would not be opening a new global payment center in North Carolina.  There goes another 400 jobs in Charlotte.

Adidas, Co-Star and VoxPro have all taken their big businesses elsewhere due to the bill’s controversy. Loss, loss, loss.

Concerts and shows have been cancelled.  Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr want no part of this malarkey.  If you were looking forward to seeing Wicked in North Carolina, you better buy a bus ticket because the show’s producers are not interested in working there and neither is Lionsgate Productions.

Over the past few months thirteen planned conventions and events have been cancelled due to the bathroom bills and dozens more are on the “hesitant/concerned” list.

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No one likes you right now North Carolina, because you are making some poor choices.  Anytime you do not choose to advocate for human rights is a poor choice North Carolina.  You and Texas need to slow down and think about what kind of example you are setting with your crazy ass bills.

It appears that bills like the above are going to end up costing North Carolina and states that follow suit a whole lost more than my respect.


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