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We Need Masculinity, Less Feminism

Mediocre Man Bag
We Need Masculinity, Less Feminism

According to some on the left, masculinity is evil, and feminism is the way. Perhaps they need to consult more people on that theory.

“Carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white man.” The latest attack on men from the feminist/SJW left is in the form of a “fashionable” canvas bag bearing that slogan, one that educator and activist Michael Flood (@michaelGLflood) called a “nice way to highlight the everyday privilege (unearned advantage) men often get.”

Here are just a few statistics concerning male privilege for you:

  • Men are the victims of workplace deaths at a 9:1 ration (BLS, 2002).
  • Men are 20 times more likely to be sentenced to death for the same crime (US Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1990).
  • Men serve prison sentences that are three times longer than women for the same crime (US Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1994).
  • Men are diagnosed more with prostate cancer, die more frequently from it, but public spending and drugs to treat breast cancer outstrip prostate cancer spending and drugs by a 3:1 and 7:1 ratio, respectively (American Cancer Society).
  • 68% of homeless are men.
  • 80% of suicide victims are men (CDC)
  • 76% of men are homicide victims (FBI)
  • 16% of men win custody of their children (Bastiat Institute)
  • 97% of combat deaths are men (Bastiat Institute)

When confronted with these statistics, Flood – a “researcher on men, masculinities, gender” according to his Twitter bio – said that the problem “far more is traditional masculinity” than women or feminism, and blamed “unrelenting stoicism, risk-taking, aggression, unemotionality” and “hostility to femininity.”

The left has tried to paint traditional masculinity as toxic, and has sadly made inroads in undermining a generation of men, women, and children in the process. The left said women didn’t need men (but we need the men in government, apparently), frowned on traditional marriage, made motherhood a “woman’s choice” (but would never make child support payments a “man’s choice”), and have worked to codify anti-man policies (such as unfair campus sexual assault proceedings) in the name of “equality.” Children – especially African American children – are now more likely to grow up without a father in the home, and are often victims of abuse at the hands of mom’s live-in boyfriend. Such behaviors contribute to cycles of poverty that decimate communities.

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In schools, boys are more often disciplined, or more often given medication to control their behavior rather than tools and ways to direct their natural energy and boisterousness into productive work.

Masculinity is not toxic. It is, however, tempered by women, children, familial responsibilities. The very things that channeled masculinity into appropriate outlets – breadwinner, protector, provider – are the very things feminism has worked hard to destroy.

In other words, feminism created this monster. Some men – when confronted with an endless barrage of “you’re violent, worthless, and unnecessary” responded by living up to every negative feminist expectation of them. It’s human nature. The men who persevere – who love their wives, are duty bound to their children, jobs, and country – are treated with derision and scorn. Mike Pence had the temerity to tell The Hill in 2002 that he didn’t dine alone with a woman who wasn’t his wife, nor attend functions serving alcohol without his wife present. Instead of being portrayed as the sacrifices of a dutiful and faithful husband, the left mocked Pence and equated his personal marital practice to Sharia law and argued this “policy” means Pence is somehow stopping women from obtaining higher office. A journalist for BoingBoing even tweeted out that Pence had a rapist’s eyes.

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This is, in short, psychological abuse. Not of Mike Pence, but of every man, teenage boy, and young boy who sees this behavior and is told that treating his spouse with respect is akin to terrorism, that stoicism is bad, that taking risks is wrong. Feminists are gaslighting men and boys before our very eyes, telling them that the inherent masculinity they have is a defect that needs to be corrected.

If men didn’t take risks and engage in “unrelenting stoicism”, the wheels of this nation would stop turning. Some are pushing for extra (paid) time off for women who have their periods, feminists demand free birth control and tampons, and safe spaces from words that offend them. Do you think these women, and their male “allies”, are going to find the stoicism to get up and work road construction like the men on my morning commute were when it’s 37º and rainy, as it is in Wisconsin, where this column is being written? Are they going to go face ISIS in the scorching sands of the Middle East, where the prolonged war is bloody, violent, and unrelenting? Gender Studies degrees don’t make the world work. These are people who can’t even entertain ideas they disagree with, labeling them microaggressions that are akin to violent physical attacks. However will they handle the actual challenges of the real world?


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