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2A Talk – Unarmed Victims Fall To Terrorist Attack

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2A Talk - Unarmed Victims Fall To Terrorist Attack

When a mass shooting doesn’t fit the anti-gun agenda, some media outlets go silent. California is dealing with that now.

Unless you were in a bubble last week I am sure you heard there was a terrorist attack in Fresno California. Fresno is only a fifteen minute drive from me, so saying this hits close to home is both literal and figurative. As can be expected news was fast and furious. The news cycle being what it was, the story dropped off front page from most media sources within 24 hours. Right leaning media outlets called the attack a terrorist incident, where left leaning agencies buried any references to his religious or political beliefs.

Kori Ali Muhammad, AKA “Black Jesus” was a prime suspect in a killing of an unarmed security guard last week. The alleged murderer decided he was going to kill as many people as possible. All three of his victims were white males. The shooter’s rantings on social media show he hated whites. PoliceOne provides the most comprehensive break down on the events.

“On what appeared to be Muhammad’s Facebook page, he repeatedly posted “#LetBlackPeopleGo” and encouraged “black warriors” to “mount up.” A flurry of posts emerged in the past day.

He wrote that his “kill rate increases tremendously on the other side” and also posted about “white devils,” themes he dwelled on in hip-hop videos that he posted on YouTube.”

Of course the police chief towed the typical denial by stating:

“Kori Ali Muhammad shouted “Allahu Akbar,” but Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the shootings had “nothing to do with terrorism in spite of the statement he made”

The police chief also stated that during his arrest, he admitted to killing the individuals. So why is the police chief making the statement this is not terrorism? Clearly it is a hate crime, and the shooter had posted comments referring to white devils, and other such references. At this time, we do not know if the shooter was a member of any local Mosque. Even if he wasn’t it appears by his own statements that we was committing these acts in the name of Allah. This forgoes any assumptions made by the chief of police. Imam Seyed Ali Ghazvini of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno stated they did not know the suspect.  Ghazvini did make a statement in regards to the actions of Muhammad.

“This individual does not represent our faith or our community,” “This individual does not represent your Muslim neighbor, your Muslim classmate or your co-worker. The Muslim community in the Valley are working hard for the well-being of our society and country.”

Other local Islamic leaders made similar statements. While these reassuring statements come out following a terrorist act such as this, it does not bode well for the Islamic community as a whole. Throughout the country there is a sense of apathy towards actively shutting down radicalism. The Islamic community as a whole is largely silent towards physically taking steps to remove radical leaders from within the community and denouncing Sharia in favor of full reformation.

Media Coverage Comparison 1: Muslim Teen Kidnapped & Killed

One would expect a full out war for more gun laws, in the state with the most draconian gun laws in the country, but the politicians have been frighteningly silent. This is because they know that the victims were unarmed due to their policies. Any chance of potentially defending themselves is removed. Simply put, concealed carry in the state of California is for rich white people only. So why are the politicians so quiet on this subject? It took some real digging to find out why.

“Muhammad has a criminal history that includes arrests on weapons, drugs and false imprisonment charges and making terrorist threats. He had been associated with gangs but he was not a confirmed member, police say.

Muhammad was charged in 2005 with possessing cocaine with intent to distribute, court records show. Federal prosecutors said at the time that he was also in possession of a 9mm semi-automatic handgun and two rifles after being convicted of a felony.

He claimed insanity, and his attorney requested a psychiatric examination for his client, saying Muhammad “appeared eccentric with some bizarre beliefs.”

He also “suffered auditory hallucinations and had at least two prior mental health hospitalizations,” according to court documents. His attorney said that Muhammad had “paranoia” and thought the justice system and his defense attorney were conspiring against him, court papers said.

The attorney who represented Muhammad in that case did not return a call for comment Tuesday.”

The shooter stated that he had discarded the revolver prior to him being arrested. So he was a prohibited felon who had a stolen gun, which was a revolver. That is really all you need to know as to why the politicians have stated nothing at all. There is no narrative for them to be vocal with. If the shooter had used some black scary rifle, there would be a chorus of something must be done in Sacramento, but to their dismay there isn’t anything.

The Price of Failing to Treat the Mentally Ill

So while law abiding citizens are forced to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to legally carry, criminals don’t follow the laws. Even though the Stanislaus County Sheriff has no issue providing permits to individuals in an almost shall issue fashion, which we support, the process is still arduous and costly. We won’t know if streamlined concealed carry laws would have changed much, but none of the victims were given that chance. I suspect we will see a big push to move many of the cases from the 9th circuit court to the Supreme Court, now that Justice Neil Gorsuch is on the bench.

On a bright note, if there is such a thing, the ShotSpotter technology deployed in the city actually worked. While in most urban areas, like Oakland, or Los Angeles, this technology is rather useless, in this case it helped alert police to react quickly. I can say this probably helped reduce the carnage, but having an armed individual to react quickly to the threat, could have reduced the death toll even more.


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