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Illegal Immigration Crackdown As Officials Defy Trump

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Illegal Immigration Crackdown As Officials Defy Trump

Many state and local government officials have raised concerns about Trump’s policies relating to undocumented immigrants. The President is not backing down.

The Trump Administration’s unwavering commitment to securing the country’s borders and dealing with criminal illegal immigrants continues, as state and local government officials refuse to cooperate with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Trump’s position on illegal immigration and steps taken by ICE is fulfilling a promise he made on the campaign trail: to secure the borders which he believes will “Make America Safe Again”.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions last week during a tour of the the U.S.-Mexico border outlined a tougher stance on criminal immigrant prosecutions, and he urged federal prosecutors to intensify their focus on immigration crimes, which includes illegal border crossings, or human smuggling into the country.

In a TV interview Sessions’ message was clear to anyone seeking to cross into the U.S. border: “The border is not open. Please don’t come,” Sessions said in an interview with Fox News Host Sean Hannity last Tuesday night.  “You will be apprehended if you do come and you will be deported promptly.  If you’re a criminal, you will be prosecuted, and if you assault our officers, we’re going to come at you [like] a ton of bricks.”

State and local government officials continue to fight Trump’s illegal immigration policy.  One sheriff in Texas recently released over 140 illegal criminal aliens back into her county instead of turning them over to ICE agents.

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recently passed budget, he set aside $10 million to help illegal immigrants in his state and provide legal assistance to help them fight deportation.  “You can have your own opinion on immigration and should we deport people, etcetera. But this is still a nation of laws and people have legal rights and we’re going to protect these legal rights,” Cuomo said.

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New York taxpayers will now pay for legal aid for illegal immigrants.

Some sanctuary cities across the country continue to indicate they will protect their illegal immigrant community, though some have already backed down from that claim because of Trump’s vow to cut funding to any sanctuary cities.

As a result of the Trump Administration’s policies unaccompanied minors crossing the border have also plunged.  These minors, crossing the border during the Obama Administration, skyrocketed.  Now under Trump, those numbers are drastically down.

“October through January saw the highest influx ever in that time frame, perhaps in anticipation of the results of the presidential election.  Then, as the post-inauguration reality set in, the numbers plummeted not only for UACs, but for family units as well,” reported the Center for Immigration Studies.

Stories of heinous crimes committed by illegal immigrants continue to make headlines.  The latest was the case of an illegal immigrant, who was deported previously, allegedly molested a 12-year-old girl in Virginia.

The two illegal immigrants who were charged with raping a 14-year-old at a Maryland high school also was spotlighted in the national media.

There have been countless other stories during the past eight years, in which those here illegally have even killed U.S. citizens.  Family members of these victims have placed the blame for their deaths on the federal government and its immigration policies.

FAIR, or the Federation for American Immigration Reform, details numerous examples of serious crimes by illegal aliens.

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Drew Rosenberg, 25, a second-year law student is one example.  He was killed in 2010 by an unlicensed driver who entered the United States illegally, but earned temporary protective status.  He was run over three times by the Honduras immigrant.  That immigrant, under the Obama Administration, was released from jail after serving only 43 days.

Drew’s father, Don, said, “The number one responsibility of the federal government is to protect the citizenry. We have been betrayed by successive administrations who have allowed campaign contributions and votes to supersede that responsibility with the result being the deaths of tens of thousands of our loved ones.

Grant Ronneback, 21, was murdered in 2015 by an illegal alien from Mexico.  He was working at a convenience store and shot over a pack of cigarettes.  The illegal alien was out on bond from a previous conviction while ICE determined whether he should be deported.  While ICE was determining that, Ronnebeck was killed. Grant’s father also blamed the country’s immigration policies for his son’s death. “My son’s death was completely preventable. Obama’s immigration policies cost my son his life,” said Steve Ronnebeck.

There are countless other stories of  lives cut short by those in this country illegally.

“We’ve gotten tremendous criminals out of this country,” Trump said in an interview on Tuesday morning. “I’m talking about illegal immigrants that were here that caused tremendous crime.  That have murdered people, raped people – horrible things have happened.  They’re getting the hell out or they’re going to prison.”

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