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Trump Giving a Little on the Border Wall


Just days after insisting that any spending bill to keep the federal government open include more than $1 billion for his proposed border wall, President Trump backed off that pledge — abruptly ending the expected brinksmanship between the White House and Congress expected to dominate the week.

“Not this week,” White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said of the push for $1.4 billion as a downpayment for the border wall in a Tuesday morning interview with Fox News. “Building that wall and having it funded remains an important priority to him,” she added. “We also know that that can happen later this year and into next year.”

That rapid cycle of demand-to-capitulation is enough to give you whiplash. But wait! There’s more!

Trump tweeted Tuesday that his changed position wasn’t a change at all, but that ignores the fact that he demanded something that now won’t be in the spending bill.

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