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What’s Happening With The Environment? Oh Right, It’s Dying

Climate Change
What's Happening With The Environment? Oh Right, It's Dying

The new administration is reversing some of what the last administration accomplished on the environment. What does it mean for the planet?

Guys, we have a problem.

We live on this planet known as Earth, and there aren’t really any other options if we screw it up royally.  We can’t all pop on over to Zillow and look for real estate if things fall through here.  Obvious as this may seem, it doesn’t appear that the American population is taking this whole issue of global warming and environmental destruction all that seriously.  I can’t say I am all that surprised at the lax attitude some Americans have seemed to have adopted considering our nation is being led by an administration that doesn’t work towards putting Planet Earth First. Third from the sun has taken a royal beating these past one hundred days.

In fact, it seems like the guy has a personal vendetta against the planet we call home.  Here is a short list of some of the whammys against the Mothership in his first one hundred days of office:

He nominated Texas Gov. Rick Perry to Head of The Department of Energy.  Here is a guy who initially referred to the science behind climate change as “unsettled” and “phony.”  He softened his attitude towards the topic somewhat at his Senate confirmation hearing back in the earlier part of the year, but it is pretty clear that his alliances don’t side with Mother Earth. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is heading up the EPA now.  Yeppers!  Here is a gentleman who has publicly stated that he doesn’t believe in the good old carbon footprint and stands by his view that human activity is not a primary contributor to climate change.  Must be a bunch of fake news…

Another Day in Trump-Nation: Tweetzilla Strikes Again

In 100 days a lot has happened, or has been proposed, and none of it is a step in the direction of environmental consciousness.  We have had the Steam Protection Rule nixed, the Clean Water Rule threatened, and the Methane emissions info put to bed.  Car pollution standards are being reconsidered, the EPA budget is headed straight to hell in a hand basket, and the infamous Keystone XL and Dakota access pipelines have been restored via executive order.  Of course, these moves against Earth are just the tip of the rapidly melting iceberg, but we can just stop here.  I think I made my point fairly clearly.  The Trump administration is not exactly an environmentally friendly administration, and while recent polls suggest the American population generally supports environmental protection, a recent Yale study found 6 out of 10 American’s “worried” about the environment, those numbers fall when you move away from the ambiguous and start addressing hypothetical policy.  With a presidency that publicly devalues environmental protection, the American masses will follow suit.  This is a problem.

Now I am not saying that President Trump along with his picks and policies is the sole destroyer of Planet Earth.  That is nutty as Granny’s fruitcake.  What I am saying is that his policies will continue to rub off on Americans and their attitudes towards the importance of planet preservation, just as eight years of the Obama rule resulted in more concern for the world in which we all have to live in.  Here is a little list of 15 things that former President Obama did for the environment, for comparison if you will.

Trump Just Shoved Loyal Americans Back Into The Closet

The thought of not paying attention to global warming and environmental destruction is just beyond me.  Just because certain blissfully unaffected Americans are not feeling the direct effects of such issues does not mean it isn’t happening all over the world at an unprecedented, rapid speed.  You don’t have to take my word for it though, feel free to solicit a second opinion on the effects of climate change from the kids who are currently dying in the Sudan due to drought and famine.


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