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Lead Up to Iranian Elections Looking Rough

The Daily Caller

With only days left to the so-called presidential “election” in Iran, senior regime officials are extremely concerned about the issue of security. Here is a glimpse provided by the regime’s top figure.

“If we want the grandeur and sovereignty of the Islamic republic to be preserved and it remains immune (to the harms), all should participate in the elections,” Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said, adding “The only way to confront the animosity of the enemy is the presence of people at the scene…If a dereliction is made and some pave the way for people’s disappointment, the country will definitely suffer.”

However, being the leading state sponsor of terrorism, Iran is not concerned about any security threats such as those recently feared in France during their presidential election. While French authorities dispatched over 50,000 armed forces to establish security as the country’s population flocked to the polls, officials in Tehran are terrified of their “election” resulting in major uprisings similar to that of 2009.

Iran’s police chief Hossein Ashtari had on April 22nd announced 300,000 security boots being deployed across the country. Of course, this reflect the number of police ordered to the streets. The mullahs are known to also deploy members of the Revolutionary Guards, the paramilitary Basij, Intelligence Ministry and plainclothes agents, and members of a conglomerate of other security and intelligence organizations. It is worth noting that the Iranian regime has 16 different security entities.

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