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Settle Down Kim Davis, You Are Not Kim Kardashian

Kim Davis Supporters
Settle Down Kim Davis, You Are Not Kim Kardashian

Kim Davis is back in the news.  The Texas Senate passed a bill named after her, and she’s been asked to speak at the National Day of Prayer.

Let me take you all back to the year 2015.

Remember the name Kim Davis? Ring a bell?  No?

Seriously, how could we forget this woman even if we tried?

In the event that this name has slipped your mind in recent years, let me give you a refresher.  This is the gem of a lady who worked as a County clerk in Rowan County and took it upon herself to deny same-sex couples marriage licences. Like she woke up on a random weekday and said “No!  Do not pass go!”  Can you even imagine these lovebirds’ faces?   Why?  She claimed she was working under “God’s authority” and apparently she saw herself as The Man Upstairs’ right-hand gal.  Look.  I’m not judging (lie) but I am gonna go out on a limb and just grossly assume that Kim had not been appointed to the grand task of halting all gay marriage.

I wonder if Ms. Davis ever fathomed in her wildest of dreams that she would find pseudo-celebrity status by waking up one day for work, pulling rank on unassuming homosexuals just trying to legalize their love, and skyrocket to the ugly title of Anti-Gay Head Honcho.  (Disclaimer:  This is not an actual title, I have bestowed it upon her.  I mean if the shoe fits…)  Recently the Kim Davis Bill crept on through Texas.  While myself and other ranty-ranters were busy lambasting Texas for waging war against pregnant mothers and their rights and becoming the hub for the the anti-vaxxing movement, this bill sneaked through the Senate.  The bill basically allows for County clerks to refuse marriage licences to same-sex couples if the marriage violates the clerk’s “sincerely held religious belief.”  (Insert eye roll.)  I mean really, what is next?  Teachers refusing to teach students who might be homosexual or who have openly gay parents?  EMT’s refusing to help or save people of a different sexual orientation?   I cannot say I am surprised, Texas.  Disappointed yes… definitely not surprised.

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On top of having a Bill coined in her name, Ms. Davis was then asked to speak at The National Day of Prayer.  The former clerk of Nowhere-Super-Special-Land was invited by Pastor Tom Acree of Apostolic Sanctuary to speak at the event.  “We chose her because she went through a trying time for her faith, and prayer was the avenue for her to have … hope and peace and comfort” during the situation, Acree said. “She allowed God to help her and enable her to endure the persecution” she experienced at the time.

Well look at you, Ms. Davis.  Aren’t you a beacon of…ok, I’ll say it. Idiocy.  Have fun at National Prayer Day.  Maybe all of those people will pray for you to come out on top of your most recent lawsuit.  Yes that’s right.  Girl is getting sued for her righteous move in the clerks office.  Last August U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning dismissed the case against Davis, brought on by David Ermold and David Moore, citing an executive order by Kentucky Gov. Matthew Bevin.  The order stated that marriage licences no longer need to carry the name of the clerk who issued them.  Well that didn’t sit so well with three pretty important people because three judges on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had this to say about the case:

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“We conclude that the district court’s characterization of this case as simply contesting the ‘no marriage licenses’ policy is inaccurate because Ermold and Moore did not seek an injunction — they sought only damages. This action is not a general challenge to Davis’s policy, but rather seeks damages for a particularized harm allegedly suffered by a specific set of plaintiffs.”

And just like that the “Davids” are back in the game and Kim is in the hot seat.  The original lawsuit has been revived and gets turned back to Bunning….choose wisely David number three.

And truly, she should be in the hot seat, because this type of righteous behavior goes way beyond her comfort level with homosexuals.  This is the first stage of everyday folk playing God, under God and claiming they are doing whatever they feel like in God’s name.  You had a job to do Kim.  Stamp the marriage licence.  No higher power came down and called you to task!  It was probably a Tuesday for crying out loud!  Here you thought you were fighting the Lord’s fight.  Did you not stop for a half a minute and think if your God wanted you to crusade in his name it might be over something far more important than two people in love seeking a legal sheet of paper?

So look.  I am not the world’s greatest Catholic.  Really I don’t know what religion or belief system I fall under anymore, if I even fall under one at all!  This I know: If more people like Kim Davis run around claiming to work under “God’s Authority” and then receive accolades and praise because of it,  we are going to all be some serious need of prayer.


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