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Trump Turnaround on Islam

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Trump Turnaround on Islam

Trump is finding out how politics works on the world stage, and that includes how to deal with Islam in the Middle East.

Odd to think, but it was just a year ago when Donald Trump was on the campaign trail speaking against Islam and Muslims. Now, he’s taking a tour overseas, which included a stop in Saudi Arabia. There, he delivered a speech about where the US stands when it comes to the Middle East and Islam. NBC News decided to juxtapose Trump’s current stance on Islam with the ones he promoted while on the campaign trail.

What changed?

Islam did not change. Trump himself probably has not changed, either.

The reality of being the President of the United States might have finally started setting in for Trump, though.

Radical populist reactionary statements against Islam worked well for Trump at the ballot box, but they are not useful when dealing with leaders of Islamic nations. No matter how much anyone may wish it otherwise, change in those nations will have to come from within. At most, nations like the US can step in to prevent or punish horrible tactics like the recent gas attacks in Syria. We can also support refugees, either on our own soil, or through payments to other nations.

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But, as the leader of the US, Trump cannot step in front of the leaders of nations he disagrees with, and outright call them on it like he did on the campaign trail. It is dangerous, and only shows that he is incapable of respecting the positions of leadership that those other people hold in their own nations.

Now, knowing that cooler heads must prevail in this context, re-watch the video above (or watch it for the first time if you skipped it.) Do you think that Trump is managing to keep the balance between respect for leaders and dislike of the way they lead?


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