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Vitriol Shows No Sign of Waning

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Vitriol Shows No Sign of Waning

It’s bad enough when people opposing a president – any president – use nasty, divisive language. But what about when the mainstream media joins the fray?

Four months into Trump’s presidency the vitriol continues; the left is becoming more unhinged, and recent events show little to no chance of even an attempt at finding common ground.

On Sunday a group of Notre Dame students walked out of their graduation as Vice President Pence was giving the commencement address. The dozens of students at the Catholic institution showed disdain and an indifference, not to mention a lack of respect, that day. Shame on the students–and their parents– for allowing them to walk out of their graduation ceremony and refusing to listen to someone they may disagree with.

The vituperation continues unabated, as some on the left took to social media to cheer the death of Roger Ailes’ last week. Whether or not you watch or like Fox News, Ailes’ death was sad news.

Someone’s untimely death with a family left behind should be a solemn moment, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

I watched on Twitter as numerous liberals commented, and I was sickened.  Many of the hate-filled tweets were by liberal journalists. The tweets, some of which were later deleted, were captured by The Daily Caller.

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Mark Lamont Hill, a CNN contributor, tweeted: “Roger Ailes has died. Wow. Sending deep and heartfelt condolences to everyone who was abused, harassed exploited and unjustly fired by him.”

Sam Stein, the senior politics editor for the Huffington Post, tweeted out, “Yes, Roger Ailes was a TV genius. He also had an apparently monstrous personal life and nasty, dangerous editorial instincts.”

Sam Adams from Slate magazine wrote how Ailes was an evil man and “on the bright side, he’s dead now.” Others used profanity, but all cheered his death within hours of hearing about it.

Who cheers someone else’s death?

Another incident on Saturday showed there’s no end in sight of the left’s hate-filled contempt for those they disagree with.

At a California Democratic convention on Saturday, the outgoing Democratic Party Chairman John Burton lead the convention hall in a chant of “F— Donald Trump,” reported several news organizations there, including AP. The American Mirror’s story stated, “ Outgoing California Democratic Party chairman John Burton left his position by waving his middle fingers in the air and leading the convention hall in a chant of “F*ck Donald Trump.”

Burton said, “all together now: f— Donald Trump” and the crowed held up two middle fingers. Burton received a standing ovation.

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Nancy Pelosi and Hilda Solis, Obama’s labor secretary, were shown laughing in the background.

The media is having a field day with every thing Trump tweets out, any story they could focus on negative about his administration. But this one from CNN took the prize last week with this scoop:  Trump White House: President Gets 2 Scoops of Ice Cream, Everyone Else 1

You would have thought this was a joke, but CNN actually devoted two segments to this “breaking news” story.

The left and liberal journalists have really belittled themselves and perhaps even undermined their cause this week. Let’s hope they can analyze their behavior and move forward with less hateful words and actions. If not, it’s going to be a very long three and a half years for all of us.


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