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Reince Priebus Keeps Hanging On


As White House officials scrambled to put together a Rose Garden ceremony with a military band last week, conservative blogger Erick Erickson blared this headline: “Reince Priebus’s Departure is Imminent.”

Priebus, seemingly embattled since day one as President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, shrugged the story off, as usual. He spent much of the day with Trump, organizing the Paris accord event, finalizing the list of attendees and the president’s talking points. And he was back at the White House Friday.

It is the fundamental dichotomy Priebus confronts these days. He is a dead man walking, according to senior White House officials, advisers and others close to the president. Aides have begun speculating about his next job. The Washington Post reported he might be ambassador to Greece. Trump adviser Roger Stone later posted a picture of the country online and labeled it as Priebus’s next destination. Yet he continues to show up for work every day as the chief of staff, even as headlines say he will be fired—if not today, then tomorrow or next week.

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