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The Middle East, Six Days, and 1967.

In parts of the modern Middle East, there are varying degrees of violence, suppression, brutal dictatorship, fractions between groups of people, violation of basic human rights, and, of course, there is Islamic terrorism, that impacts directly on the lives of so much in the region and beyond.  There is also a strong opposition movement — within the region, and again, beyond. Islamic terrorism is a serious threat, and so many governments in the world are working together to do what they can to not only defeat it, but to save lives, and prevent war. Lessons are being learned, but mistakes and misjudgements are still happening  The Council on Foreign Relations has produced a comprehensive, historical article on social and political events in the Middle East during 1967. The history of the Middle East, in terms of internal and external factors, is crucial in understanding the dynamics of the region in the contemporary era.


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