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RNC Media Response is Going from the Ridiculous to the Sublime

RNC Media Response is Going from the Ridiculous to the Sublime

Look out now! The RNC is trying very hard to make people think that the inmates have taken over the asylum, with their talk on transparency.

I have a sense of humor. Granted, it is dry, and often obscure, but it is there. Sometimes it is the only thing that saves my sanity, and occasionally it keeps me from spewing lengthy diatribes about some of the stupidity I see played out in US politics today.

My sense of humor reached its limit today.

It started with the news that the attorneys general of Maryland and DC are apparently suing Donald Trump over the monies his properties receive from foreign powers. On its face, this is relatively amusing, but deadly serious, since it is the only impeachable offense that isn’t shrouded in mystery thanks to vague wording in the Constitution. (For those of you who want to start an argument about the definition of “treason,” just please stop. We’ve seen a great deal of stupidity, but nothing that is outright treason, yet.)

By itself, the news of that suit could have tested my sense of humor, but it didn’t. What truly did me in was the media memo released by the RNC.

This lawsuit brought against our president is absurd. From day one, President Trump has been committed to complete transparency and compliance with the law. The actions of the attorneys general represent the kind of partisan grandstanding voters across the country have come to despise. The American people elected President Trump to lead this country, and it is time Democrats end their efforts to delegitimize his presidency.

That gem was offered by RNC spokesperson Lindsay Jancek, and immediately prompted the following from me on Twitter, albeit without offering a true reason why:

Yes, I did suggest that people working in the RNC offices must be hitting some kind of mind altering substances, because they had the audacity to suggest that the Trump administration is all about transparency. They are joking. They must be. The alternative is unthinkable, since it would mean that they have collectively lost their minds!

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The Trump administration has drawn fire from people on both sides of the aisle over its lack of transparency, including the sudden decision to stop allowing the public to know who is actually visiting the White House. No, they cannot claim that the Obama administration was less transparent, because they removed the names of people who were personal visitors of the First Family, and others who could compromise national security if the public knew they were visiting. (For anyone who is confused, that’s mostly code talk for “spies” and “informants.”) Personally, as an editor and a journalist, I can only agree with the Sunlight Foundation in its assessment that the Trump administration is allergic to transparency. The amount of information that is available on the White House website has declined significantly, and what actually is there has been mired in a user-hateful manner.

You know you’re in trouble when NPR compiles a list of 22 watchdog and grassroots organizations that are keeping government busy with FOIA filings, all in an effort to track the transparency and ethics of the Trump administration. Yes, the majority of them are from the left, but before anyone complains, ask yourselves one question: Why are people on the right afraid to demand transparency and ethics from a president simply because he’s from their side of the aisle? This shouldn’t be a partisan issue! We’ve allowed it to become one, which means that politicians have managed to divide us one issue that should always unite all citizens. We should all want our government to be held accountable to the people, and the only way to cause that is for the people to know what government is doing. And directly attached to that transparency, we should all demand that our leaders be ethical. Yes, that is an idealistic concept, since politics breeds graft – power corrupts. Right now, in the case of the Trump administration, we are hovering closer to the rest of that axiom – absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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It’s time to start picking from that list offered by NPR, or to start founding more organizations with the mission of demanding transparency and ethics. But first, someone please tell the RNC that they should never suggest that this administration is transparent. Suggesting such a thing is beyond ridiculous.


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