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Globalization and Poor Working Conditions

Working for extremely low pay, subjected to potentially hazardous working conditions, with little in the way of workers’ rights and professional development, are realities that many experience in our global, interconnected world. Many products that are readily bought and utilized in “the West” (and other parts of the world), are the product of labor by some workers who do not have the same protections as others do. In recent years, many exposes have uncovered the realities of working conditions in some factories in parts of the world. There are stories of children working long hours, workers’ being abused, and even fatalities from dangerous working environments, have caused a great deal of alarm and outrage. The International Center for Research on Women has produced a comprehensive report, outlining the challenges that many women face who are a part of an economic system where protections are not always guaranteed, and financial rewards can be unstable.


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