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The Feminist Abuse of Boys

Mom And Son
The Feminist Abuse of Boys

The feminist movement went off the rails a long time ago, morphing into a movement that attacks men. One feminist writer has even turned on her own sons.

Jody Allard, a freelance writer living in Seattle, recently took to the web to publish a piece on how she feels unsafe around men, even her sons. As a single mom of boys, her piece is disturbing and rooted in the misandry that has come to define contemporary feminism. What Allard is doing is not parenting; she is not raising feminist sons and she is not combating rape culture. She is mentally and emotionally abusing her children for political gain.

Referring to a column she wrote for The Washington Post, Allard says her sons are “blind to rape culture” and laments that they are fed up with her lectures on sexism and the like. “You say everything is about sexism or rape culture,” one son observes. He’s not wrong, given Allard’s writing, and Allard says her sons are part of the problem of rape culture. It is – in its entirety – a reflection of a feminist movement that has one purpose: to destroy men (and the women who love and support them).

Allard undoubtedly believes that 33% of women on college campuses are victims of sexual assault. RAINN.org lists statistics that contradict that popular claim, however. 11.2% of all undergraduate students experience rape or sexual assault. While it’s true women are more often the victims, nowhere is the “1 in 3” statistic supported. In fact, male college-aged students are 78% more likely to be the victims of rape or sexual assault when compared to non-students of the same age; women are actually 20% less likely to be victims if they are college students.

And college campuses – in a rush to combat “rape culture” – have turned into hotbeds of hostility toward men. Men can be accused of rape and, without a shred of evidence, have their entire lives ruined by college-run tribunals and kangaroo courts. These men are often not allowed to present evidence, or witnesses, or defend themselves in any meaningful way. Women who accuse men of rape are taken at their word (something feminists cheer), and often face no consequences for making false accusations, while the men the accuse – even men who are wholly innocent – see their personal, professional, and academic lives forever tarnished. And that’s if they’re lucky.

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Thomas Klocke was not. Klocke, who was straight, was accused by a gay student of making gay slurs during a class. Despite no evidence, no hearing, and Klocke’s testimony that what happened was completely different from his accuser’s story, Klocke was punished by the University of Texas Arlington. Days after the punishment was handed down, Klocke took his own life.

HelpSaveOurSons.com, a website that tracks those falsely accused of sexual assault, lists several lawsuits brought forth by men who were falsely accused of, and punished for, sexual assault. They also track several wins by students challenging campus policies concerning sexual assault. These men, and the individuals who help them find justice through due process, are no less than heroes combating a mighty, and dangerous, plank of the contemporary feminist platform.

That Allard doesn’t feel “emotionally safe” with men is not her sons’ fault. It is her fault, and is probably rooted in deep psychological issues and political beliefs that she does not adequately address. She calls herself “too valuable and too worthy” to waste time “educating” men who are not her sons, yet says she has clearly failed to educate her sons to her (impossible, ever-changing) standard.

What would Allard say about the dozens of female teachers accused of sexual assault of male students? Would she be silent and turn a blind eye? The reaction of many is that the barely-pubescent and teenage boys who have been victims probably enjoyed being hit on and sleeping with their teachers (especially if the teacher is attractive).

When feminists say we cannot “slut shame” women, or complain that we should not hold women to a standard of provability and accountability when it comes to accusations of sexual assault and rape, they are attempting to stifle debate and create a system of “justice” wherein men do not enjoy equal protections. They want special privileges, not equal protection. They want to punish men in order to to feel better about themselves and their political causes.

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As a mother, Allard’s duty is to protect and raise her boys to be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy individuals. Instead, she is putting them in the 21st century’s version of the sandwich board and publicly shaming them for simply being born with the wrong chromosomes and for her failures as a parent. Worse than that, Allard admits that one of her sons – troubled by her publicly embarrassing him – is suicidal. How is this not abuse? How is Allard not pushing her son to the brink, mentally, when she admits her words “intrude on their daily live?” She even says “My [Washington Post] essay went semi-viral, and for the first time my sons encountered my words about them on their friends’ phones, their teachers’ computers, and even overheard them discussed by strangers on a crowded metro bus. It was one thing to agree to be written about in relative obscurity, and quite another thing to have my words intrude on their daily lives.” Did she not have these discussions with them before? Seems she didn’t, and now can’t understand why her son is upset that she publicly flogged him. She’s distressed her son has turned to “conservative” media outlets, and doesn’t seem to understand that young man needs a place where he’s not accused of being a rapist because of his mother’s feminism.

It is the duty and moral obligation of every decent women to stand up to women like Allard. Mothers – myself included – must protect our sons from the scourge of radical feminism. We must defend our fathers, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, uncles, and friends from the ideology that says they are all abusive and “toxic” for being men. Such thinking damages our boys; it makes them feel guilty for who they are and attempts to eradicate any semblance of masculinity from them. It is time we tell our boys that it’s okay to be boys, that they are not rapists simply because they have a penis, and that women like Allard should not be taken seriously. Our boys deserve that protection. If feminists can’t deal with it, that’s not our problem.


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