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H.B. 1566: Another Day Another Ridiculous Bill

Arkansas Capitol Building
H.B. 1566: Another Day Another Ridiculous Bill

Arkansas is trying to end abortions. This time, it’s all about the remains. H.B. 1566 is destined for the court room before it even goes into effect.

It is called H.B. 1566, or The Tissue Disposal Mandate Bill.

Now let’s play a game.  What on earth might this bill be regarding?  My first guess would be something to do with feminine hygiene.  Maybe crazy old Arkansas wants to put some restrictions on how we dispose of sanitary napkins or something to that effect.

Man oh man, how I wish my guess was correct, or even close!  Unfortunately H.B. 1566 is yet another blow to women’s health.  This bill, recently passed through the state’s 2017 legislative session, makes it illegal for any woman to pursue an abortion without first notifying the man who impregnated her.  I know what many of you are thinking: this bill has to have some sort of clause regarding consent.  It can not possibly be as crazy as it initially appears. Perhaps the intention is to better safeguard a biological father’s rights to being an involved party in decisions regarding their offspring right?  “He was there at conception so he ought to be there through the whole process,” Republican Representative Kim Hammer, the bill’s primary sponsor, told Bustle. “I think that all life, from conception through birth and right up through death by natural causes, needs to be treated with dignity, respect, and also a unified approach to deal with the remains.”  Really Mr. Hammer?  That’s what you think is it?  Well I am not sure what perfect world you live in, but here in the real (and often times very cruel) world that mentality is a dangerous clusterf*ck!  You sir can go on ahead and lead this year’s annual Idiot Parade with this malarkey-filled bill.

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True, the father could be a loyal boyfriend or partner. He could also be a rapist, a twisted and sick uncle or cousin, an abusive and threatening human being, or even a captor.  The bill ensures that these vile creatures be notified of a pregnancy and possible abortion should their victim become impregnated.  How is that for sick and twisted?  Yeah, how about we have a gaggle of thirteen year old pregnant teens call up their sexually abusive Uncle Leroy and get his take on the whole situation.  Then we can force all women who were held down and sexually violated to contact their rapists and let them know they are pregnant and need their opinion on the matter.

The bill is (sneakily) linked to the state’s pre-existing Final Disposition Rights Act of 2009.  This legislation states that family members related to the deceased have a say over what happens to the deceased person’s remains.  The proposed provision will consider the fetal or embryonic tissue from an abortion to be a “deceased” family member and therefore the sperm provider, whoever that may be, must be notified.  So sperm and egg would have equal say in what happens to their fetus, except for when equal means anything but.  Check out this wreck of a scenario:  If the woman is underage and then man is 18 or over, the man has the final say.  That doesn’t seem very fair now does it?  I am fairly confident the majority of you moral readers would agree that a thirty year old man who brutally raped a twelve year old girl should have nothing to say about anything other than “what time is my activity hour outside my jail cell.”

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According to the American Civil Liberties Union, which has already filed a lawsuit against this idiocy, it is about the furthest thing from fair.  (Man they have been one busy organization as of late, thanks to Trump-nation.) The provision is set to go into effect by July 3oth.  Let’s hope the ACLU can work a little humanitarian magic and get this nasty thing dissolved.


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