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Kid Rock Might Be Rocking The Senate in 2018

Kid Rock
Kid Rock Might Be Rocking The Senate in 2018

Kid Rock might be gearing up for a run for the Senate from Michigan. After Trump, nobody can afford to discount the possibility he might actually be serious.

Kid Rock…


Robert James Richard…

The Devil Without a Cause…

Mr. Senator Sir.

You read that correctly.  Kid Rock could be rocking in the upcoming 2018 Senate election.  A few weeks ago the Michigan native best known for songs like “Bawitaba” and “Picture” launched his “Kid Rock For Senate” website, aiming to take on Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow.  Good grief!  He can’t be for real can he?

It’s hard to tell these days.  Many are convinced Bobby Boy is merely using the website launch as part of a (kind of genius) publicity plan to build buzz for his upcoming concerts. That theory makes sense considering the Kid Rock For Senate website links to a merchandise page and he just released two new singles from his next album.  Others are less sure about this hypothetical marketing ploy.  Celebrities taking office is nothing new.  We have The Donald in The Oval Office, The Terminator served in Cali, and Jesse Ventura did a four year stint as Minnesota’s governor.  Why wouldn’t The Mitten have The Rebel Without A Cause representing the Senate?  Here in Trump Nation Kid Rock could very well become Michigan’s next Senator.  “You gotta take it seriously until he says ‘I’m out,’ ” said Dave Dulio, professor and chair of the political science department at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich. “I don’t have to tell you, it’s for obvious reasons when we’re in the wake of Donald Trump running for president and winning.”

Sessions to Testify in Open Hearing

So what are the early polls showing?  According the the Trafalgar Group, a small polling company based outside of Atlanta,  The Detroit Dirtball is leading Debbie Stabenow in the early Senate race.  The Delphi Analytica poll has him at 30%, four points ahead of Stabenow, and he hasn’t even started campaigning!  Personally I am crossing my fingers that once he starts campaigning and opens his mouth a few time people will snap out of this lunacy.  This is a man who has made public slurs against homosexuals and women.  Then again, that was my thinking when the Donald ran and we all saw how that horror story unraveled.

So no, I am not a fan of my home state calling Mr. Rock our Senate Representative, and you shouldn’t be either.  You can like his music (I personally don’t,) but still see the vast issues with having him represent our country in a governmental arena. Let’s look at some of the reasons Mr. Rock might reflect badly on The Great Lakes State:

The obvious would be that his albums are laced with lyrics about sex, booze, drugs and strippers and hookers.  Nothing unexpected for a rocker…but maybe a bit over the edge for Senator.  I am fairly sure the public has nearly burned other politicians at the damn political stake for far less, but I suppose Michiganders are willing to let this one slide.

Trump vs. Pence: What Liberals Should Consider

He starred in a porno.  Wait.  Don’t we all get hot and bothered when our government officials do stuff like this?  Apparently not.

He has brawled in a Waffle House, punched DJs in strip clubs, and battled a Baywatch Babe in Divorce Court.  His record is colorful, to put it nicely, yet people eat it all up.  It seems that everyday people are blinded by his down-to-earth lyrics about working on the line and hanging in the bars.  (I don’t know if he ever worked the line, but if he did it was for shits and giggles.  The guy grew up the son of a millionaire.)  This is the new way of things in Trump America.  Just ignore the unpleasant, the idiotic, the insane and call it Fake News.

Maybe he runs, maybe he doesn’t.  I am far more curious to see who the next clown in the governmental three ringed circus will be.  Maybe Barney The Purple Dinosaur will run for Senate next term?  At this rate I suppose anything is possible.


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