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May You Live In Interesting Times

Gas Mask Man
May You Live In Interesting Times

The old Chinese curse seems to be happening before our eyes, with protests, eugenics, and other insanity. Meanwhile, normal people want no part of it.

What a curious time to be alive.

In the span of a week, we’ve learned that not only is anyone who doesn’t vehemently condemn the alt-right movement a Nazi, but that Antifa – the violent, left-wing anarchist group – is just like the soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy. Even Mitt Romney, an immeasurably decent man who was right about a great many things in 2012 (who was also, not ironically, called a Nazi by the left) tweeted that Antifa “opposes racism and bigotry”…except it doesn’t. Groups of vandals are knocking down confederate statues,and now are digging up the grave of confederate general and KKK leader Nathan Forrest. Statues to Lenin and the grave of KKK officer and West Virginia Democrat Robert Byrd remain in place, however. Oh, and if you question this sort of vigilantism, or how smart it is to scrub the racist parts of America’s past from public view you’re “ok with all things confederacy.”

The left is also doxing the alt-right protestors in hopes of getting them fired and/or evicted and – in at least one case – identified the wrong person and published his address online, exposing the man to online harassment and forcing him and his wife to spend time at a colleague’s house out of fear for his safety. A lunatic with ties to the alt-right drove his vehicle into counter-protest crowds, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer. Last month, a Bernie Sanders supporter gunned down GOP congressmen practicing for a baseball game. People are getting killed now, and it’s only going to get worse as the violent clashes continue and the police are ordered to stand down.

Oh, and something about possible nuclear war with North Korea, too.

And, in case you forgot, Donald Trump – the bloviating, Tang-tinted blowhard host of a terrible reality show – is our president, because the thought of President Hillary Clinton was just too awful for most Americans.

It really shouldn’t need to be said, seeing as we fought a war – a couple of them, actually – to beat back the scourge of Nazism and white supremacy, that those ideas are reprehensible and have no place in American society. Neither do the ideas of Antifa – which support their own preferred brand of fascism (e.g. communism) rather than oppose fascism entirely – belong in American society. Both groups are undoubtedly free to express their opinions, peacefully, as is anyone who enjoys the First Amendment rights the Constitution affords us. And it is preferable that these groups express their ideas on the public stage, where sane people can see their words and actions and reject them accordingly. Antifa and the alt-right represent the fringes of the American political spectrum, by and large, and it is there they must be kept, shunned and scorned by all decent society. Saying you oppose both, equally, and not giving into the prevailing mentality in which you must pick one side or the other, is what adults do. The world is only two-dimensional to the immature.

Time to Reclaim the Term Lobbyist from Special Interests

Meanwhile, in Iceland, the “eradication” of Downs Syndrome is being championed. No, researchers have not figured out a way to correct the chromosomal abnormality that causes the disorder; instead, women who undergo a screening test with only an 85% accuracy rate for the risk of Downs Syndrome are aborting children at a rate nearing 100%. A tweet from CBS says this is “virtually eliminating” Downs Syndrome; it’s not – it’s eliminating people with a disease. Given the rate of false positives, and the fact this isn’t a definitive diagnostic test, women are also aborting healthy children…and lots of them; which is just as reprehensible as aborting a child who has Downs Syndrome. And they’ll tell you all about it, right after they talk about the alarming rise of Nazis in America, failing to see the sick irony of the situation. In the Middle East, infants are severely malnourished because non-governmental organizations have pushed for strict breastfeeding-only policies, making it all but impossible for mothers to get and use formula in war-torn nations. The term “white privilege” is often incorrectly applied, but here it’s appropriate as NGOs from wealthy nations who can afford to breastfeed their children exclusively, tell women who are running for their very lives that formula is just not right for their starving children. It’s also a tacit form of population control, leaving countless infants at the mercy of a bureaucracy that doesn’t face the same challenges to survival as their mothers do. Yet there is nary a peep about either story from the left; the left so concerned with a few hundred tiki-torch wielding idiots with bad haircuts.

Mainstream Journalistic Bias and the Pro-Life Movement

It’s easy to see why most people retreat from politics. Most people are decent men and women who just want to earn a living, support their families, and live their lives free from government interference and harassment of their neighbors. Contrary to what the left argues, this includes a clear majority of those who voted for Trump, too. Yet they are labeled as racists, bigots, and homophobes – and have been for quite some time – because they don’t agree with the left. Hillary Clinton called half the nation a “basket of deplorables,” echoing the 47% comment that did damage to Mitt Romney’s campaign in 2012. People got tired of it, and responded with the biggest form of protest available: their vote.

They vote, and then they go home to figure out how they’re going to pay this month’s mortgage-sized Obamacare premium, or how they’re going to deal with the Black Lives Matter protestors blocking the highway on their commute to work, or whether Guam is going to be nuked by Kim Jong Un, or what Trump tweeted about this morning. This is what will keep America from delving into all-out civil war. These decent people who get up every morning, go to work, pay their taxes, and live their lives outside of the insanity of the alt-right and Antifa left.

And, as at least one person on Facebook pointed out, “Something to remember that may ease your minds a bit: this alt right protest [Charlottesville] had been advertised for months. It took a lot of effort put in to making sure that community knew about it. All in all, after months of planning, 200 people showed up, almost entirely from out of town. So if you think about it, really, it just means that there are only about 200 neo-Nazi shitbags left in the whole US with either enough money to travel, the internet, or actual conviction in their beliefs. So ya know, silver lining.”

Silver lining, indeed.


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