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Big Ups For Boston: Hate and Racism? We Aren’t Having It

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Big Ups For Boston: Hate and Racism? We Aren't Having It

Boston residents were determined that the events in Charlottesville would not be repeated there. They filled the streets with their message.

What happened in Charlottesville was more than a little disgusting.  Droves of white males dressed in Khakis and Polos marched two by two carrying torches all the while chanting “Blood and Soil” “and “Jews will not replace us!”  Ew.  How freaking vile and creepy can you people get?

Groups of students and protesters resisted and chaos broke out. Both sides took some blows and found themselves on the receiving side of injuries.  The following day saw more hatred, more anger, more weapons, and unfortunately, more violence.  All it took was twenty four hours to confirm that racism is alive and well in America, and hate groups are feeling emboldened and powerful.

More rallies were planned and the country braced for a weekend of hatred and separation.

But Boston was not having it.  Nope.  While the Free Speech Rally geared up in Bean Town, tens of thousands of counter-protesters shut them down.  While the Boston Free Speech Coalition did their best to make it crystal clear that their intentions differed greatly from those of the hot mess that was Charleston, the message of the people was also crystal clear:  we are taking no chances here, so leave.  Roughly 40,000 Bostonians decided that you come to our great city with tolerance, acceptance and love, or you don’t come at all.  The mere suggestion that neo-Nazis and White Supremacist groups might use the Free Speech Platform as an in to spread their evil was enough to mobilize counter-protesters.

New Legislation May Make Free Speech on Campus Less Free

And I kind of love Boston right now.  What happened in Virginia can’t happen again, not in this country and not anywhere in the world, really.  Hatred based on race and religion is the filthiest kind of ignorance, the lowest form of stupid, and at some point we have to come together and say “Nope.”

And not everyone will be okay with what Boston stood for over the weekend, because freedom of speech is one of this country’s sacred amendments.  But Boston is not alone in their message of Go Home Haters.  Universities all over the nation have decided to cancel or deny public platform opportunities and events that have ties to white nationalist Richard Spencer.  One of those universities happens to be my alma matter… and my hometown…and where my children play and attend school.  We don’t want the possibility of such hate and intolerance here in our community.  This is a community that prides itself on diversity.  Our elementary handbook comes in Korean and English.  My neighbors on both sides are of Jewish decent.  My kids’ friends have skin colors that span the entire human racial palate and here in this town we encourage and respect the human race period.  We are proud of our hometown university’s decision to only welcome positivity, and we are proud of Boston.

Remember the Protesters Have First Amendment Rights Too

So go ahead Hate Groups, you can take your hate speech, free as it may be, and spew it to a brick wall.  Hopefully one day soon walls will be the only things that will put up with your ignorant crap.


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