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The escalation of rhetoric between North Korea and the United States continues unchecked. Would the US actually be safer if we began unilateral disarmament? NORTH KOREA – CRISIS – OUR NUCLEAR WEAPONS IN 1994 JIMMY CARTER WENT TO NORTH KOREA…

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Michael McCarthy
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Mr. McCarthy has retired as Physician Assistant after more than 30 years practicing family, preventative, and Occ Med most recently in Port Huron, MI. His wife, Ande , also works in town as a visiting nurse. They are members of St. Mary and St. Joseph Churches in Port Huron, involved in music and Pax Christi ministries . They’re blessed parents of 4 active involved young adults. In the early 70’s Mike was an organizer for Cesar Chavez' United Farm Workers union. In the 80’s he taught a community college course in KY on the faith and politics of nuclear disarmament, repeated once in MI. With the help of faith communities they’ve owner-built homes in KY and MI. In the 90's they as a family moved for 2 yrs work in migrant health clinics in California. Michael has now written commentary in a number of national and regional news and faith-based periodicals, with hope to unite the social justice liberal with the devout conservative.