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Don’t Let the Left Erase, and Re-Write History

Confederate Statue
Don't Let the Left Erase, and Re-Write History

History is written by the victors, even when we’re talking about a culture war over statues and monuments.

“What are you, a confederate shill?”

That was a question seriously posed to me by someone on Facebook, when I said that I opposed the removal of Confederate statues and monuments in the wake of Charlottesville. When proponents of such measures argue that those relics should be confined to the walls of a museum and not the public sphere, they are aiding those who wish to hide America’s history – even its ugly history of racism and slavery – in order to re-write it and allow for such a history to repeat itself.

Above that, the catharsis that comes from toppling a monument to a confederate general will not assuage the left’s anger. Once every single confederate monument is removed, the left will turn their sights to the next outrage du jour and continue their moral crusade to social justice warrior-ify the world. I have been told, repeatedly, it’s silly to worry about the so-called “slippery slope” – that inevitable slide the left makes from a position of self-declared moral authority (see the “confederate shill” comment above) into broadening the scope and depth of their demands until the rights of others are limited. In the name of “justice” and “human rights.”

Don’t believe me? The left’s history is rife with examples:

And now, with Charlottesville and the push to hide the confederacy, we see subway tiles, haircuts, and other supposed “symbols of hate” being removed. The same people who morally justify punching Nazis because Nazis are bad go on to say that a slew of beliefs are now just like Nazism…which means it’s ok to use political violence against an ever-increasing number of people. In the name of peace and justice.

Why There Are Costs to Moral Outrage

Whatever moral catharsis the left gets from tearing down symbols of the confederacy will not end when the last statue falls.

Indeed, it will only fuel their anger and their lust to rid society of anything they deem inappropriate. And the net of what they deem inappropriate is wide. Words are violence, just ask college students. Incorrect pronouns can get you a year in prison. Haircuts that look Nazi-like will get you stabbed. Hold any political belief to the left of Marx and you’re, by default, a Nazi. All Republicans are bad so it’s okay to shoot them, they had it coming. Just like the left broadened the definition of sexual assault to include “stare rape” and “fart rape”, the left will widen the definition of “Nazi” and “offensive” to include everything they dislike and disapprove of.

So you are naïve if you think this outrage ends when the last image of the confederacy is torn down. It won’t. It never has and it never will.

A Texas man was arrested for trying to blow up a confederate statue in Houston. A Christopher Columbus monument in Baltimore was vandalized. In Chicago, a Lincoln statue was burned and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. was spray painted. If a Lincoln memorial isn’t the antithesis of confederate monuments, what is? The grave of a confederate soldier and KKK Grand Wizard was partially dug up, with the perpetrators threatening to return with heavy machinery to finish the job.

TX Activist Arrested After Recording Open Meeting

The natural progression is, of course, that the Constitution will have to be abolished because it was written by slave-owning white men and is, therefore, just as offensive as that statue of General Lee  that was torn down. It is the left’s wet-dream, pardon the language, and one that they have lusted after for years.

In America, it’s possible to believe several things at once:

White supremacy and neo-Nazis are bad, and that doesn’t make you a communist.

Antifa, and the communist ideals they hold, is bad, and that doesn’t make you a Nazi.

Both of the aforementioned groups still have a right to free speech, and that doesn’t make you a Nazi or a communist.

Pulling down confederate statues is a bad idea that rewrites history, and that doesn’t make you a “confederate shill”.

Giving in to moral outrage today will lead to more outrage down the road, and the continued removal of “offensive” things from the public sphere.

It’s not the “slippery slope” to look back at the curtailment of liberty and behavior of the left and conclude they will do the same thing after toppling confederate monuments.


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