5 Types of Pre-employment Background Checks

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Whether you’re running a small business, or you are responsible for managing the applications of hundreds of workers, industry best practices are always in favor of pre-employment screening.

There are many different types of background checks–here are five different searches that you might want to consider. Often, an established background check company will bundle some of these search types together at a reduced cost, or you may be able to purchase additional screenings individually.

Criminal History

Most pre-employment screens will include a criminal history search. These will inform you with great accuracy as to whether or not a potential employee has ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, and what actions were taken if either of those events occurred. Keep in mind that certain laws and regulations may prevent you from denying employment based on criminal history.

Verification Searches

Now more than ever, accurate and reliable identity verification searches are crucial for new employees. These typically cover the verification of any documents related to identity, including birth certificates, social security numbers and work visas.

Driving Records

If you need to be sure that you’re hiring a safe, attentive driver, performing a driving record search is an absolute must. These will show any motor vehicle infractions that may have occurred, including tickets and accidents. Most company liability insurance possibilities will require a background check with driving history.

Drug Testing

Keeping the workplace free of drugs is a priority for many employers, particularly in industries such as manufacturing and logistics. While drug testing is always available as an individual service by any number of laboratories, most background check companies will include it as part of a general pre-employment screening bundle.

Employment History

While the occasional padded resumé is a pretty standard occurrence, outright falsehoods on job applications are often difficult to detect. An employment history search will be direct and thorough, allowing you to verify whether the information given on an application is fact or fiction. This will help you to find employees who are truly skilled and who have the job experience you require.

Verification services are rapidly becoming the norm for most human resources departments. Not only can these types of screenings save employers from certain liabilities, but they also encourage applicants to be honest when presenting documents for identity verification or detailing job history. This practice takes the guesswork out of hiring and is easier to access now than ever before.